How To Recover Deleted Apps on Android (Quick Guide)

Looking to recover deleted apps? Well, not only the technology but kids are also getting smarter these days. Whether It is about playing games or watching their favorite cartoon, smartphones are their tech toy. Mommies also don’t mind their kids using smartphones at so early age as it is the best way to keep them busy for hours. But these little angels look not less than like a demon when they click beyond the area of their interest. Yeah! The situation is really creepy.

Many times innocent kids delete accidentally important apps from your smartphone. Sometimes, your finger may also slip mistakenly resulting in deleting significant Apps. You then try searching and reinstalling them on Google. 

Possible Reasons For Deleting Apps & Recovering Them

Here are some of the common reasons and circumstances that one needs to recover unknowingly deleted Apps.

You Bought A New Phone

When you got a new phone, the only thing you don’t like about it is to restore all the old customized settings. Same is the case with Restoring Apps. When you buy a new phone, you always wanted to install the same Apps you were using.

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When You Factory Reset Your Phone

Whatever be the reason is, when you factory reset your phone, it will get back to its fresh look. All the Apps were wiped away and you have to install all your apps again. Alternatively, you may take help from the back up of the Apps,  if any.

You Forget The Name of The App Installed Long Back

It happens that you have installed an App a long ago and now wanted to get it back. Maybe you don’t remember the name of the app or its name is changed.

Virus Attack

When you lost your dear Apps in a virus attack, and you are not able to recover them somehow.

Aciddently Deleted Apps

Yes, accidents happen to anybody. Be it small kids or it is you who by chance have deleted important Apps.

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So these were some of the viable causes when you look for ways to recover deleted Apps on your Android smartphone. In the next section, we are going to explain the easiest way to get back such Apps.

How To Recover Deleted Apps on Android

Getting lost Android files back is a tedious task however retrieving Android Apps is not that tough. You don’t need any Android recovery programs. Android is an open-source platform which gives you the freedom of operation. Google Play helps to recover gone Apps. Read the steps how –

  • Open the Google Play Store and tap on the hamburger menu.


  • Tap on ‘My Apps & Games’.


  • Tap on the ‘Library’ tab.


  • Here you can find the list of all the apps which were earlier installed on your device.
  • There you may ‘Install’ all the Apps, you want to recover.

Please note that in the library tab, the order of Apps arrangement is from most recent to oldest. So, if you want to reinstall the app deleted long back, you need to scroll down at the bottom of the page.

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