Google – Take Our Free Kotlin Courses to Build Android Apps

Google, known for its awesome web services and digital products, is now focusing on Kotlin. Kotlin is a computer language that helps emerging developers to build Android Apps. Google is providing free kotlin lessons to Android App developers. It’s needless to say that Android is the widely used mobile operating system globally. Google, the owner of Android OS, has now announced that developers can learn Kotlin for free to develop much better Apps for the Android platform.

Google imparts the knowledge of Kotlin through free video courses. So far, Kotlin is one of the rapidly growing computer programming languages on Microsoft’s Github. Oracle and Java are the most preferred programming languages by Android developers for developing Apps.

Google is making efforts to transform the focus of Android developers on Kotlin. Kotlin is an official programming language from JetBrains. JetBrains is an IDE maker (integrated development environment) just like Android Studio.

Till the past year, Google was working in collaboration with an online education company named Udacity in order to offer lessons of Kotlin free of cost. Now, Google has packaged it as a Codelab Course designed in the form of tutorials.

This course can be taken by any programming enthusiast with a bit of experience of languages like C++, Java, and IDEs such as JetBrains and Android Studio. To get started with this, students have to install Java Development Kit i.e. JDK and IntelliJ. Google says that Kotlin is a concise and modern object-oriented language with a strong system, type inference, safety, extensions, and awesome properties supporting higher-order functions.

Clearing all the doubts of Android developers, Senior program manager of Google developer training, Mr, Jocely Becker said that “Google and Udacity currently offer video-based courses for Kotlin Bootcamp and How to build Android apps in Kotlin,” He added “To help people that learn in different ways, we have recently reworked these courses to publish them as tutorial-based codelab courses. More than 2.5 million users have worked through Google codelabs like this just this year.”

It was the year 2017 when Google first announced the Kotlin support for Android App development. Since then, Kotlin is preferred by computer programmers. Kotlin incorporates Java, JetBrains’ IntelliJ and Android Studio. Google and Udacity in the association are sure that developers who take part in this course will definitely learn each and everything about Kotlin programming language. They will also learn how to write Kotlin statements.

Apart from all the easy features and functions of Kotlin, they will also learn about Android Jetpack functions and libraries having glide for image loading, Moshi for JSON parsing, and Retrofit for networking. Google promises that by the end of the course they would be able to develop 10 Apps to add up in their portfolio for showing to their customers and employers.

On the other hand, Microsoft launched the new video training session to help developers to learn Python language. Aspiring developers probably start using Azure Machine learning services.


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