First-Look of OnePlus 7T – Triple Cameras, Frosted Glass Back

The next big flagship smartphone from the OnePlus family is about to launch. It’s the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus TV for the first time. Today, the curtains have been lifted by CEO Mr. Pete Lau, when he officially shared the first-look of all-new OnePlus 7T. As anticipated by tech analyst, OnePlus 7T will come with a circular camera panel with 3 sensor arrangements plus LED flash embedded into it.

Pete Lau unveiled the design and appearance of OnePlus 7T today through Twitter saying that the new OnePlus 7T will have 4th generation matte-frosted glass along with circular camera bump.

One Plus 7T First Look

He also appears officially on the community forums of OnePlus, stating that it’s the first time when the company decided to unveil the design before-hand to OnePlus fans and loyal users. Lau said that

“Today, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before: unveil the design of our upcoming flagship first in our community,”

Looking at the picture posted by OnePlus’s CEO on Twitter, we can extract that the new OnePlus 7T will have an excellent sleek matter surface and awesome metallic radiance. Talking about the camera of OnePlus 7T, of course, the company has to evolve something better than ever over other previous OnePlus devices. And it’s circular camera bump.

Experts believe that it’ the right move by OnePlus because the camera is the priority in everyone’s list when thinking about replacing smartphones. The overall design of OnePlus 7T is quite dashing and cool.

The company gives an explanation of its camera design that

“With perfect symmetry from any orientation, a circular design became the natural choice. A circle’s rounded edges produce an appealing contrast against the straight lines of a smartphone’s rectangular form for a seamless, balanced feel. After going through over fifty design iterations, we think we’ve landed on something pretty special.”

If relying on the rumors about OnePlus 7T, the circular 3 sensor setup will give users a 48 Megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor plus a 16 Megapixel ultra-wide lens. Also, a 12 Megapixel telephoto lens is added. In-all, OnePlus 7T is going to be a good camera phone of the year for clicking dynamic photos with awesome quality.

The dates are also announced and are set to launch on the 26th of Septemeber 2019 at New Delhi. The wait will over next week getting all the details of these much-awaited OnePlus products. Till then, keep commenting here on any guesses about its prices, specifications, and features.


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