PUBG Payload Mode Will Launch Tomorrow – Fly Helicopters, Use RPGs

PUBG lovers have been waiting for the Payload mode for a long time and are eager to check it out. Finally, the wait is over. Payload Mode finally is arriving tomorrow i.e. 23 October. PUBG Mobile has officially announced the release date of Payload Mode on its Twitter account.

In its latest update of 16th October, PUBG Mobile has teased the launch of Payload promised to released soon. In the last update, PUBG Mobile has added the powerful BRDM-2 suitable to run on both land and water. Plus, it has raised the UMP’s ammo from 9mm to 0.45 ACP. Besides these, many upgrades were done on 16th October. Now this week, Payload Mode would be live for all the players.

The official twitter account of PUBG Mobile twitted,

“Are you ready for Payload Mode? Our Devs are hard at work putting on the final polish to this exciting new addition coming October 23. Who out there is looking forward to flying in a Helicopter?”

What’s New in The Payload Mode?

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

All the insane PUBG fans can’t wait to play the Payload mode. So, to kill their curiosity, let us check out what’s new in the new Payload mode. If relying on the sources, in this new Mode, players will be going to play with many exciting and adventurous weapons. RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher, MGL Grenade Launcher, and M134 Minigun ranks top in the list of weapons in Payload mode.

PUBG Mobile has many vehicles but this time players will enjoy flying Helicopters all around the map. Besides weapons and vehicles, Payload mode has also introduced a feature called Teammate Recall System. In this system, players can get ID tags from dead members of their team and restore them to life heading to communication towers. This feature resembles that in ‘Apex Legends’.

The new Payload is expected to further enhance the popularity of the PUBG Mobile game. In-all it is a fun and exciting addition to the game to bring something new. To play with the new features of the PUBG Mobile game, players can download/update it from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iPhone).

Besides the Payload Mode, there is another scary addition i.e. Halloween Mode. In this game mode, players will come across Halloween demons to fight with. The official Twitter account states that “It’s scary how good Update 0.15.0 is, with new features, new items, and the Survive till Dawn 2 Halloweeks Mode! Keep an eye out, we’ll be rolling out the new Payload Mode coming soon!!”

Other Latest PUBG Mobile Updates

Desert Eagle Pistol and Ledge Grab are some other additions in the game, that turns into a new PUBG Mobile gaming experience. Apart from that, the performance and gaming controls are also expected to be smoother.

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