Latest Chrome 78 Allow Sites to Edit Local Files, Read OTP SMS & Much More

Chrome 77 was pretty stable and now Chrome 78 is in its beta version. It is needless to say that the new Chrome 78 has many more features than it’s previous version. You can edit local files, see OTP SMS, and a lot more.

Native File System

If you’re a techie, you must be knowing that web pages work on certain plugins like Java to access files saved on any local computer system. Chrome 78 is testing a new Native File System API which is changing this trend. Let us dive into the details to know how exactly this API works.

Here’s Chrome 78’s New File System API Works?

Any web page you open will show up a dialog box, where you have to select the file. One can select one file or many files at a time. This will depend on the web page you open. Whatever changes done in the file will be saved.

At the start, it seems creepy that Chrome 78 can make changes in your files saved locally but Chrome 78 has taken all the necessary precautions and it is expected that after the beta testing, more security features will be added. The system has not made any changes automatically without the user’s permission. At the moment, the system grants permission to only files that are specifically selected by the user and that too for the time the website remains open. Once the site is closed, the permissions will automatically be revoked. With this feature now, online editing on Editor’s like Google Docs will become easy and fast.

Verification SMS API

While using online banking or social media accounts, you sometimes need to verify your mobile number through OTP (One Time Password). Usually, Google has added an API using which it automatically reads the SMS received on your phone. But while using the web page, you need to go back and copy-paste the code. Now, Chrome 78 has taken away this trouble. However, if the verification code gets into the wrong hands, it might create a big blunder. To prevent this, Chrome 78 has taken some security measures.

What’s More?

Chrome 78 has a lot of new features for both users and developers. Check out the other features you may get in the new and updated version of Chrome.

  • Emoji turns grey just like the regular text.
  • Synchronous XHR during page dismissal is deprecated. This won’t affect the network connection when you close the current file or files.
  • When closed, web pages won’t show any popup box.
  • Chrome 78 supports JavaScript optional chaining.
  • It has the feature of Screen Enumeration API that transmits that display information of your computer to the site.
  • Media Session API has a new seeking option. This turns the interface of web Apps and Android Apps similar.
  • XSS Auditor has been removed from the new Chrome 78.

If you want to try this beta version of Chrome 78, you can download the APK file available on APK Mirror. Only download the APK file which is digitally signed by Google that contains the cryptographic signature. This ensures that the file is 100% safe without any tempering.


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