10 Best White Noise Apps for Studying & Concentration

After a long tiring day, the only thing that delights us is our comfy bed to fall asleep but falling asleep is not easy for many. They do a lot of things to sleep relaxing without any disturbance. White noise is a good alternative that replaces the lullaby.

White noise apps actually produce a sound that masks all the other sounds around you. Say for example you are not able to sleep because of the traffic sounds outside, it blocks the noise. Besides that, it creates ear soothing music of environmental sounds like a forest, chirping birds, flowing water, etc.

A lot of people make use of white noise all for inducing sleep. In simple words, you can take the white noise app as a sound mixer like nature, animals, etc. There are hundreds of white noise Apps, out of which we have picked the best 10 White Noise Apps that help you to take perfect sleep. So, now feel the falling rain, enjoy the calmness of flowing river water, and waving the sound of leaves in the forest on your phone itself.

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sound

best white noise apps

The app is designed for offering relaxing sounds. It divides the sounds into various categories to immerse yourself in different environments. In this app, you can also create personalized sound combining meditation, yoga, and nature sounds. This app best work for stimulating creativity and reducing stress. If you wish, you can also upload music and make a new combination with default sounds. They all have an in-built timer that automatically closes the app after you fall asleep. It is a free app that even works offline.

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My Noise

white noise app for Android

This is a free and simple to use application for eliminating the sound that you don’t like. It is the best way to block unnecessary noises around you. The quality of sound it produces is also optimal. This could be your good pal while doing meditation, yoga, or you just want your baby to fall asleep. It has a unique calibrate generator that controls the frequency of sound to make it soothing for your ears. It also equipped with a color noise generator so you can generate whatever noise you love to hear, say Pink or White.

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Noisli - Focus, Concentration & Relaxation

Apart from having an Android and iOS app, they have a website as well. It is a free background noise and color generator app. It produces high-quality ambient sound to increase your productivity. It takes away all the annoying

and brings you a pleasant audio track with environmental sound effects. It offers you a lot of customization options.

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Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

white noise app for Android

The app has dozens of sweet sounds that give you flawless sleep in no time. As the name suggests, it contains the sound of all types of rain, rain on a tin roof, heavy rainfall, mild raining, and many. The quality of sound this app offers is ultimate. It gives you the option to either play the sound all night long or set a timer so that it automatically stops when you fall asleep. It has 35 free rain sounds and a 60+ premium category. So, install this App and enjoy better sleep!

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White Noise Lite

White Noise App for iOS & Android

Be it a busy day time or evening or night, now you can enjoy disturbance-free sleep. Often it happens that we travel and desire to take a sound sleep or your newborn baby frequently wake up in the middle of the night, this app can do miracle blocking the surrounding distractions that won’t let you sleep well. The developer the app also recommends the app for people suffering from Migraine and severe headache which gives you relief. The White Noise generator mask disturbing sounds and convert it into soothing music like the sound so that you can stay asleep till the morning.

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Noise Generator

White Noise Generator

This noise generator generates All types of color noises – Pink, White, Brown, Blue, and Violet. The allis embedded with the settings that make use of advanced mathematical formulas for creating the best audio waves. It is best suggested for crying babies. Using the app is quite easy, you just need to slide the color bar to make the combo of various color noise.

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White Noise Generator By Relaxio

White Noise Generator App

Another awesome app to create the sound that you love to listen to before sleeping. You might love the sound of waves at the beach or blowing leaves in a dense forest, this app gives you all types of sounds in the comfort of your home. The best part is you feel close to nature. You can also save your sound creations on your phone storage. The list of sounds includes rain, thunder, wind, forest, leaves, White noise, brown noise, etc. The app also includes a sleep timer and other routine features.

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White Noise: Sleep Sounds

white noise app for Android

People suffering from Tinnitus or insomnia will find this app quite relaxing. Just install the app and get over with all the sleeping problems. The app is specially designed to create ear soothing sound to get rid of insomnia and Tinnitus problems. It has the sound fading system and the app closes when you set the timer. It is a nice app in situations when you have to concentrate and focus on doing something. Users are recommended to make use of earphones for a better experience.

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Sleep Fan

Just like that of raining sound, the sound of the electric fan also helps you to fall asleep. This app produces the ditto sound of a fan that helps you to fall asleep quickly. You can adjust the sound at high, medium, or low. It is a paid app for iPhone users but for Android users, it is a free app. However, iPhone users enjoy certain extra features. The app will run in the background so that you can continue using other apps parallel.

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It is an app that gives the combination of ‘Calm and Commotion’. It has loads of different sounds like ‘Morning Murmur’ that brings you the freshness of the morning and ‘Lunchtime Lounge’ brings you the energy to achieve milestones. Besides this, there are a lot of lullabies that help you to sleep well at night.

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