50+ Best Meme Expression Faces To Use As Comments

Memes are trending everywhere be it Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform. It is spreading like a forest fire and the best part is Meme makers are very spontaneous. On every political, social, trending, or viral news, memes are ready. If you really want to get popularity on social media, try sharing Memes, or just create a page that shares memes, it might really work looking at the popularity of memes.

Funniest Meme Faces on The Internet

Have you ever noticed that what is common among all memes? It’s Meme’s face! Every meme tells something. Such meme faces add the pinch of humor and liveliness to the meme. So, if you too are planning to create a new page for sharing memes or you just want to increase your general knowledge on what these meme faces mean, read this article.[no_toc]

Forever Alone Guy

Forever Alone Guy meme face

Computer Stare Meme Face

Jackie Chan Meme Face

Poker Meme Face

Scared Yao Meme Face

Damn Reaction Guy Meme Face

Y u no meme Face

Challenge Accepted Meme Face

Stab in Eye Meme Face

Obama Not Bad Meme Face

True Story Meme Face

I Know That Feel Bro Meme Face

Like A Sir Meme Face

Broken Heart Face

GTFO Meme Face

Face Palm Meme Face

Blushing Meme Face

Meme Faces

Long Nech Face Showing Surprise

Lesquee Meme Face

Angry With PC Meme Face

I Like it Meme Face

Must Resist Meme Face


Troll Dancing Meme Face

Rapper Meme Face

Troll Typing Animation Meme Faces

OKay Meme Faces

Staring at PC Meme Faces

Gasp Animation Meme Faces

You’ew The Man Meme Faces

Eyebrow Look Meme Face

Suspicious Meme Face

Wide Open Mouth Meme Face

Crying Meme Faces

Troll Crazy Meme Face

So Hardcore

Laughing out Loud (LOL) Meme Face


Herp Derp Meme Face

So Close Meme Face

F**K That Bit** Meme Face

Close Enough Meme Face

Face Together Meme Face

I See What You Did There’ Meme Face

F*** Yeah Smile Meme Face

Watch Out Meme Face

GFTO Meme Face

Freddie Mercury Meme Face

Troll Dad Dance Meme Face

How to Use These Meme Faces?

These meme faces are hilarious and can make anybody laugh out loud. It is nowhere written that you can use these meme faces only for making or creating memes only. You can use these faces anywhere. There is n number of instances where you can use these memes say for saying something in a funny way. For e.g., you wanna say “Get the F**k Out of here”, use the funny face and say without writing a single word. This Meme faces helps you to take out of the weird situations that you can say everything without saying a single word. We are suggesting ways where you can make the most out of these funny meme faces.

Use These Meme Faces to Create Memes.

Of course, Memes can not be complete without Meme’s faces. Although, people are doing many other experiments also like snaps of popular movie characters, political leaders, or anything that looks funny Meme faces have their own charm.

The best use of Meme faces is for creating memes. Depending on the context of Meme, you can pick any of the Meme faces out of the list above and paste it in your Meme. It will for sure give life to your Memes.

You Can Use it in Facebook Comments.

Facebook, one of the oldest and classic social media that exists since the closure of Orkut. If you are no longer in touch with any of your old friends, there are high chances that you may find him on Facebook. Since its launch, Facebook has evolved a lot, it has added so many features like sale, 24-hour story, adding emoji of love, smile, sad, etc. One more feature is added recently that Facebook users can send stickers in the comment section. It works intelligently like if somebody has commented “Congratulations” on your post, you will get a “Thank You” sticker in suggestions.

Well, no doubt that these stickers are funny and interesting but it will be super funny and amazing if you comment these funny memes on your friend’s post. We are sure it will fire up your Facebook wall.


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