Advantages of Staffing Platforms for Operators

One of the main goals in business is to become more efficient. Efficiency means getting more out of fewer resources. The process of getting more efficient is called innovation. This means that you can do something that will cause you to get more out of fewer resources. That is what every businessman strives to do and that is what staffing platforms are all about. 

People are now seeing a shift in the staffing industry from physical to online. Nowadays, it is normal to hire people from halfway around the world depending on who does the job best or who does it cheaper. 

You can hire workers from India who are willing to do jobs for 1 dollar per hour. Compared to the minimum wage for workers in the United States of at least $10 per hour, you truly have a bargain on this and if you do it right, you can gain a lot of savings for your business. 

There are also other jobs that you can let these online staffers do. Most office jobs can be done remotely and you can find someone who can do the same job as your current employee but for a cheaper price online. 

You can find accountants, web developers, programmers, and even writers from all over the world who are willing to do the job for a fraction of what you are paying your physical employee. Online staffing platforms like can give you an array of choices of jobs that you can find there.  

Staffing online can be very helpful to your business; however, it doesn’t come without risks. There are chances where you are paying someone to do a job that they can’t do or that you are paying them while they do nothing. 

You have to protect yourself and this is where staffing platforms come in. Staffing platforms are online platforms that help you find the right employees for the specific jobs that you have. Like most business innovation platforms, they have a mechanism that will protect both employers and employees from potential abusers.

Protection of Employees

Employees are protected using these platforms by making sure that they get paid if they do a job. If for instance, an employer chooses not to pay the employee, the platform usually pays the worker themselves as part of the protection that they bring. 

They also punish abusive behavior from employers making sure that such things do not happen through this platform.  Both employer and employee get a rating and some even get comments just like buyers and sellers in e-bay. If the employee is a good employee that pays on time, they usually get good ratings. If an employee is good at his job, he usually also gets a good rating plus he or she can increase the asking salary. 

The better your rating is the more chances an employee will get employed. As much as employers want cheaper labor, they also want quality and they want to make sure that the job gets done the right way. Anyway, whatever salary you think is big on these platforms is just going to be a fraction of what employers will have to pay if they hired someone local and physical. 

Protection of Employers

These staffing platforms, first of all, want to make sure that their employers are protected. They make sure that employee accounts are legitimate and take certain actions to make sure that they are who they say they are. 

Most of these platforms will ask to take the picture of their employee and also a picture of a government-issued ID for reference. They will also be asked for bank statements and other legal documents to prove that they are who they say they are. This is important as there are growing cases of scammers from all over the world just trying to milk a little money from unsuspecting employers. 

Employers are also protected from employees who have no idea what they are doing. This is where the rating is useful. You can check if they know what they are doing by the ratings and comments of other employers of their work. Some leave comments on how efficient and fast a certain worker is on their job while some just leave comments on how satisfied they are with the work.

 As someone looking for an employee and you think the job needs a certain level of skill, then it is best to hire those with better ratings even if they will cost you a few dollars more per hour. You will still be saving a lot of money by hiring someone who works efficiently and effectively compared to hiring someone locally or hiring someone who has no idea what he or she is doing. 

Employers are also protected in other ways. Some tasks that you can give to your virtual workers can be completion based. This means that you only pay your workers once they finish the job and even in certain cases, you only pay them fully if they submit it on time. 

There are instances also where you can deduct their pay if they submit a certain work late. This will protect employers from unforeseen events and will make sure that as a boss, you will get exactly what you paid for. 

Lastly, employers also have the option to be able to monitor what their employees are working on. There are devices that are suggested by these staffing platforms to help you monitor your workers. These devices take screenshots of what your worker is doing at the time that you are paying him to work for you. You can set the intervals that the screenshot is taken or you can have it be taken randomly.

 These screenshots show you what your staff is doing on his shift. Some platforms give them the option to see the screenshots and every screenshot they choose to delete will add to the time that they will have to work for you. There are already a number of time tracking software available to track employee time and productivity. 

Staffing platforms are very efficient in giving you and your company the help that you need. You can save a lot using these platforms and saving means more profit for you. Take the time to learn about these platforms and how you can use them to your advantage. 



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