25 Cheap Computer Desks Under $100 (Gaming, L-Shape, Compact)

When sitting at a desk, for instance, to use your computer, a lot of things matter. The angle of viewing, the posture of your back and your wrist, the lighting being reflected, etc. While these may sound trivial in the short run, doctors have been urging people to choose and customize their workspaces in order to avoid any long-term effects of bad posture.

To help aid your search for the perfect desk, we have made the perfect list of computer desks under $100.

Cheap Home Office Computer Desks

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Computer Desk

Available in brown, espresso and white colors, this offering is the ideal mix of functionality and style. It has a minimalist appearance that helps with your home-office aesthetic as well. The table is made of high-quality materials that make this ideal for long-term usage.

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Merax Modern Simple Computer Desk

This option is constructed of fibreboard with PVC. It is also both scratch and waterproof. This desk is the ideal choice for those with standard requirements and a standard setup to be used atop it. It comes in black, espresso, white and oak colors.

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Chefjoy Computer Desk

Another option that is made of fibreboard, this one is both affordable and durable. Made for slightly bigger setups in mind, it gives you about 45 inches of desktop to work on. It is also one of the easiest options to assemble.

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SHW Triangle-Leg Desk

This offering, while available in only one color, is spacious and minimalist. The desk is wide enabling setting up two monitors as well. It also provides for grommets that allow you to do cable management.

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Coleshome Large 55-inch Computer Desk

As the name suggests, this desk is suitable for huge setups that need really spacious desks. Made of metal, the desk comes in multiple shades of black, brown and white. This desk also boasts of being scratch and water-resistant.

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Cheap Gaming Computer Desks

Coleshome Modern Computer Desk

Our second offering from Coleshome, this desk is made for people with a two-monitor setup in mind. With 47 inches of desktop for usage, this makes a great solution for gaming as well as general home usage.

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Atlantic Pro All-in-one Professional Gamer Desk

This desk comes fully customized for gamers. It has not only cable management option, but has trays to accommodate your speakers, an accessory tray to dock additional gadgets in, a game shelf and much more. Made of steel, this desk is made to last, and its practical design language has served many users till date.

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Zinus Port Computer Desk

While not made for the gamer in mind, it is a budget alternative for any PC gamer. The desk has cable management with a storage area. It makes use of a movable monitor stand so that you can get accurate viewing angles. Made of steel, this desk comes only in the espresso color.

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Aingoo Computer Desk

This is another 47 inch offering on this list. It is amazingly lightweight but durable at the same time. It is also very minimalist in its design language which ensures it fits perfectly no matter what your home is like.

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Need Foldable Computer Desk

It’s in the name: it’s foldable! This desk is made of both wood and metal. Measuring about 55 inches, it is one of the biggest tables capable of bearing about 800 pounds of weight.

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Cheap PC Desks for Small Spaces

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

This desk is made of components that grant it elegance and durability. The glass used on the desktop is made of thick tempered glass. It also comes with a pull-out keyboard tray. This desk is perfect for small places with a width of 39 inches.

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Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation Desk

Weighing only 52 pounds, this desk comes with many features that a computer user would need. You can adjust the position as per your requirement. The desk is made of fibreboard for the added durability. To sweeten this further, it comes with a 5-year warranty!

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OneSpace Contemporary Glass Computer Desk

This desk is made with a minimalist aesthetic in mind. The top of the desk is made of blue frosted tempered glass making it appear like none other. But it is also durable thanks to the steel frame underneath it all. The desk can bear loads up to 110 pounds.

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HomCom Computer Table

This is another offering made with a minimal footprint in mind. It is made of a metal frame, with fibreboard on top. It can also bear up to 110 pounds. All of this makes it a great choice for any setting.

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Convenience Concepts No Stools Student Desk

This desk comes with maximum storage in a minimal design. It is made of elegant wood grain finish that adds the style element. It comes with multiple storage shelves on either side of the desk which comes handy to store anything computer-related or otherwise.

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Cheap Computer Desks with Storage

Tangkula Computer Desk

Here is a durable desk that comes with storage shelving options to enjoy that aspect of compactness. The shelves can be assembled on either side of the desk. The desk is of sufficient width, too, measuring an adequate 47 inches.

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Z-Line Nero Desk

This desk has such a good design language that it could either be used as a computer desk or as a bookshelf! These shelves can be arranged on either side of the desk. The desk also comes with a keyboard pull-out. Oh, and did we mention that the table is made of tempered glass?

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HOME BI Computer Desk with Shelves

This desk is made with tight spaces in mind. It incorporates an L-shaped design that can be tucked away in any corner. The shelves are designed to accommodate books, hardware, and any accessories. But this desk can also be used as an everyday table as it is made to be adaptable.

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Merax Rotatable Computer Desk

The desk comes with wheels that make transportation easy. Once at the desired location, the wheels can be locked. It is made to be L-shaped and this makes it extremely suitable to be situated in corners of a room. The storage shelves are made for convenience as they are capable of holding books, speakers and any similar-sized accessories.

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HomCom Computer Desk

Measuring 50 inches in width, this desk is here to suit all of your needs. Made of gorgeous tempered glass, it comes with 4 shelves with equally spacious storage. None of this adds to any of its bulk for it is made to be a sleek, minimalist desk with functionality in mind.

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Cheap L-shape Computer Desks

Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk

This desk has created a following with its high quality and low price combination. It is made of 3-pieces that makes desktop space really spacious. You can organize anything you wish on it. Made of steel frame and topped with tempered glass, the desk also adds to the interior aesthetic of your house.

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Best Choice Products L-Shape Corner Computer

This option is made to give you the perfect balance between sleek and contemporary. The sleek workspace is incorporate well with its color scheme. The desk is ideal for cramped corners with lots requiring to be placed. It also comes with a keyboard drawer and a CPU stand that makes this option more functional.

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Ameriwood Home Dakota L-shaped Desk

This desk is available in 5 color options that makes it compatible with most of the homes. The desk features an overall length of 60 inches promising a lot of desktop space to work with. In addition to this, it also comes with grommet holes which makes cable organization efficient. The desk is made of fibreboard.

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LeCrozz L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

This is another desk that offers a 3-piece design to fit in tight spaces. Made of steel frame and tempered glass, it offers sleek looks and minimalist design language. It is ideal for students, home office and gaming/media editors as well.

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HomCom L-shaped Computer Desk

Another offering from HomCom, this desk comes in with 67 inches of desktop space. It is made of fibreboard that adds to its sleek looks. With such a huge desktop area, you can accommodate anything to fit atop. Therefore this works best for people seeking to house a lot of components on their desks.

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