Best Secure Email Services To Protect Your Work

When you connect to an Internet service provider, you are usually given access to free email services. However, you can not use it if you want. Today, you have the option to choose the most reliable and convenient tool for yourself!

Your favorite secure email will reward you with many bonuses: almost unlimited storage, an effective spam filter, a fast and ergonomic web interface, a desktop and mobile application, and many others. If necessary, you can even use an email with a higher level of protection.

So, we’ve prepared for you the list of emails using which you can hope for the best confidential work within the world network.

Secure email: It’s time to choose!



Utopia is a closed decentralized ecosystem, the use of which is completely anonymous. No one will get access to users’ data since they are stored on a personal server that is accessed by a private key. The ecosystem generates it when registering. All data is encrypted thanks to sophisticated encryption based on the use of a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. This multi-level encryption guarantees the safety and security of all data.

Utopia has several functional tools that are available for use in a single open window, thanks to the Hybrid Mode. These include:

  • uMessenger is an instant messenger that implements the transmission of encrypted messages, both text and voice. It is possible to create private chats and channels for communication with subscribers. A large selection of stickers and emoticons allow you to color each message you send and receive.
  • uMail is an alternative version of the traditional file sharing service that guarantees the safety and confidentiality of all files and documents transmitted through the system.
  • Idyll Browser is an anonymous browser built on the principle of data tunnel technology. It means that each user can add and create new sites for sharing. Besides, the ecosystem already has a particular database of websites that provides users with everything they need.
  • uWallet is an electronic wallet that stores cryptons, the ecosystem’s cryptocurrency. It was created as a means of ensuring secure transactions on the Internet. For payment, the user does not need to enter any data. Everything happens in anonymous mode.

Outlook Mail

Outlook Mail boasts an excellent web client that works through both types of protocols, as well as the presence of Exchange ActiveSync (a program for syncing emails, calendar, to-do list, and contacts). The web interface of this service is spotless and functional. Outlook Mail can not only automatically sort relevant emails, create catalogs of newsletters, invoices, and photos, but also allows you to create your folders and custom shortcuts.

Special filters will only show you the emails you need and help keep your mailbox clean. Another advantage of this service is the ability to use it as the central link of an entire network of different mailboxes. With it, you can use both POP and IMAP accounts. Also, it is possible to expand the basic functionality using extensions significantly. For example, creating directories, sending email schedules, or saving text online.

Yahoo! Mail

Yahoo! Mail is the most revered mail service. Time-tested, it contains many well-proven things: almost limitless storage, as well as custom folders and filters that automatically sort emails.

Even though the service is pleasant to use, it would not hurt to have smart folders, free marking of emails, templates and automatically suggested responses to messages. By the way, about the answers. Typing in the Yahoo! Mail has rich formatting settings, which is much more attractive and useful than tasteless texts that are full of useless emojis and emoticons.

Use only reliable variants for stable Internet security in 2020!



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