4 Best Encrypted Messengers: Trusted Source Of Security!

Today, people do not think about data security. Although, information that people transfer to each other using messengers becomes public and can be used for various aims. Often, it is used for targeted advertising.

Do you want a private correspondence with a loved one to become public fare? Obviously, nobody wants it! But, what to take to ensure data privacy? Firstly, you don’t need to delete the messaging app and leave social networks. You can use the encrypted messengers and be under reliable protection. We’ve listed the best apps from which you can select the best encrypted messenger for you!

Encrypted messenger: Security before pleasure!



Utopia is a decentralized system that has high functionality and user actions are securely encrypted from prying eyes.

As the foundation platform, Utopia uses a peer-to-peer architecture. This method assumes that the ecosystem doesn’t use a common data warehouse for storing information. Instead, it develops separate servers for each user. A high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES protect the whole information.

The ecosystem includes an anonymous browser, messenger, email, and e-wallet. With Hybrid Mode, clients can use multiple functions in a single open window.

With instant messenger, Using messenger, clients can exchange encrypted audio and text messages, adding stickers and emojis.

BlackBerry Messenger


As a smartphone manufacturer, BlackBerry is experiencing a serious crisis. But it’s software products that have enterprise-level protection are still very popular. The BBM branded messenger is available on all major mobile platforms, provides the ability to transfer messages and files. Above all, the users can make free voice calls.

BBM is one of the most functional messengers. In the app, you can organize chats with multiple participants, create groups to share files, to-do lists, and event schedules. You can create your own channel dedicated to a specific topic, or join other users’ channels. All information is transmitted in encrypted form, and instead of phone numbers and email addresses, special identifiers are used that keep personal contacts secret.



Gliph mobile messenger provides secure correspondence, also allows you to protect your payment history – however, only in the case of using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. You can integrate accounts in the Coinbase system. In the app Blockchain.info you can send “coins” to people from your contact list or use them to pay for purchases by scanning QR codes in stores that work with Bitcoin.

Messenger has versions for mobile devices on Android and iOS, as well as a web version for working in any browser. You can use it to create a secure communication channel with any person through the browser, even if they don’t have the Gliph app installed.



Created by Russian developers, the SJ IM messenger, based on the open and public XMPP Protocol, is a flexible and powerful tool for secure communication. Unlike most other programs, it requires certain technical knowledge from the user.

If necessary, the XMPP Protocol makes it possible to ensure that the program interacts with other messaging systems: ICQ, AIM, MSN, Mail.ru and many others. The user can even start their own server, gaining full control over their correspondence.

In terms of message security, SJ IM is one of the most secure mobile apps. When transferring identification data between the client and server use the encryption Protocol SSL, messages are encrypted by the algorithm OpenPGP key length to 4096 bytes and message history is encrypted with the AES algorithm. You can also send files via SJ IM – before sending them, they are combined into an encrypted zip archive.

The high level of protection is reflected in the price of the app: versions for desktop computers and mobile devices on iOS cost $50.

The protected messengers are waiting for you! Choose the best ones and implement them in your daily Internet chatting!


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