9 Essential Apps for College Students

A mobile phone has become a necessity for all of us and no one can imagine life without this device nowadays. Despite having a lot of disadvantages for students, they can also benefit the student by saving their time and making them more efficient. You do not need to seek help by exploring a website now, as it was a few years ago, but an app has got all the necessary things that you need. It can be a course, listening to a translation of your religious books, finding course material or tracking your health goals, and everything is in your hand. Students can use these apps to deliver better performance and work smartly. Although apps might require internet connectivity to perform most of their tasks, they can still offer basic content and functionality to users in offline mode. 

Some amazing apps for college students are as follows.

My Study Life

It is one of the essential apps that every student must try because it is free and user-friendly. It is basically a study planner for assisting students, lecturers to manage their work. It can store your homework and exam in clouds so that you can access them anywhere later.  It shows you your work progress on multiple assignments, manages the deadlines.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

When we are sitting together to combine study and realize that we forgot to bring your scientific calculator, this application allows you to solve complex mathematical problems just like a calculator.


EasyBib is the most wanted app of research students as learning the various styles of bibliography is time-consuming. EasyBib does it for these students. Most of the experts who you approach for your essays use this app to save their time and do multiple citations without an error. These are not only the research experts working with essay writing companies. You may also approach them for solving your technical academic assignment. Have you heard anyone saying I pay someone to do my math homework? This is what the service does.


Studious helps students by keeping a track of their deadline regarding his homework and can even lessen distractions by bringing his phone on a silent mode automatically. This is based on the time you have already scheduled as your class time. Just like My study life, it also helps you store your notes on clouds.


This app helps you make changes in PDF files, manage the assignments, prepare to-do lists, scan the document which is handwritten and even record lectures so that you can listen to them later.

Oxford Dictionary

This app will help you know the meanings, definitions, antonyms of any difficult terminologies. Therefore, it’s a must for every student for their studies.

Google Docs

Google Docs app is a must download as it will allow you to draft, edit your document, and when you want and share it with others.

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Chegg does homework help for students which are rated outstanding as they can always answer students’ questions for a number of subjects, without taking much time. You can just take a picture of your question; explain the problem you are facing and wait till a Chegg expert replies to you.  It is very easy and you won’t regret any fee paid for the service


Alarmy is annoying sometimes but it is a fun way to cope with your routine. It allows you to wake up for your class or studies on time. It won’t let you sleep unless you take a photo of something. By that time, you will certainly lose your drowsiness. 


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