PUBG Mobile Player Exploited ‘Connection Error’ Gets Banned for 10 Years

We’ve been hearing a lot of innovative ways to cheat on online games these days, especially on the wildly popular ones. Just as creative as the gamers are getting, the studios and developers are also not holding back any efforts in reeling and banning these gamers. This instance is no different. A PUBG player was caught red-handed on a live stream using this cunning trick to cheat his way through, and well, it actually is quite innovative.

The trick that the player employed on the whole might not even stand out when watching his live stream, because it was not an explicit ‘cheat’. But the PUBG team has got the eyes of a hawk. They spotted exactly when and how he cheated and banned him. As we all know, PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games have been working against the clock to keep these very famous platforms free of cheating in order to inculcate good gaming practices. Yet the tech-savvy people keep exploiting loopholes in reply.

The player even rallied on social media against his ban to garner support for himself. To lay this to rest once and for all, the game developers released a video explaining what the player and did and how it constitutes cheating and therefore the ban.

It was observed that while he was live streaming, there was a point where the gamer logs in to the game with his second device. The video shows that this second login tricked the system into believing there was a connection error, and during this time window, the player used a cheat to kill his enemies. Once that was done, he got back on to his primary device. The player has now been banned for 10 years.

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PUBG and Tencent understand the need for identifying and letting these players out. With such bad playing ethics, there is a chance that the reputation PUBG has garnered internationally would dwindle and that is not a risk the developers are taking. This leads us to the creation of Project Ban Pan. This was brought into existence with the sole aim of combating such situations.

The people contributing to this project are the ones tasked with watching and observing all the suspected gameplays and identifying if some player was exploiting a hack, or even straight up cheating. According to the developers, about 8000 accounts are banned every day for at least 10 years’ time.

The thirst for fame and to be known as a champion runs hot in these players but employing cheats or exploiting technology to position themselves in a way that clearly grants them the advantage is definitely not acceptable. The creators and the distributors of the game echo the sentiment and fortunately, are very serious about this task as well. After all, every reaction has an equal and an opposite reaction, whether in physics or life.

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