10 Best Dog Whistle Apps To Train Your Dog

Who does not want a dog as their pet, right? Before you say cat-lovers, listen, dogs and cats can happily coexist and why not have the best of both the worlds really. Training a dog can be as fun as it can be challenging, especially when the pupper only wants to fool around and not listen to you. But there is something that would help you in your endeavors immensely: whistles.

Dogs can listen and react to high pitch whistling which makes it an amazing tool to use and train dogs with. But, again, difficulties in the ability to whistle also limit us. Not to worry, because technology helps you sail by here with all these apps made for imitating whistles. Today, we discuss 10 of the most useful whistling apps available for Android and iOS devices.

10 Best Dog Whistle Apps That Actually Work


Dog Whistle

The first Android app on this list comes with a bunch of useful features that help you to a great extent in training your dog. Not only does it come with the option of emitting sounds at varying frequencies, but it also supports multiple sounds. Further, the app can be installed directly to the SD card of your device and permitted to run in the background, as required for your use. Additionally, the app helps you by providing useful tips and tricks in training your dog.

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Dog Whistler

With an app called Dog Whistler, you know you are downloading an app made with a particular purpose in mind. Dog Whistler is available for iOS and comes with various modes for you to take advantage of. With this app, you are able to imitate sounds with ranging frequencies simply by using the slider in the app, or by inputting the number manually. Further, you are able to choose from multiple sounds to train your dog using, such as short beeps, long beeps, static, tone, etc. once you have a frequency and sound decided to train your dog by, you can save the preset for easy access, too!

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Dog Whistle Free

Another app for the iOS platform. Unlike the previous app on the list, this app is pretty simple and straightforward. While you can use this app to help with your pet’s training, you can also use it to disrupt the continuous barking that might be driving you crazy. Simply set the frequency to where it helps the situation and click on the whistle icon to emit noise. However, ensure you are kind to the pets around you and never use these apps to cause them discomfort or harm.

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Dog Whistler Free

This app provides its users with something more tailored for a beginner dog trainer. It provides for a step by step guide on how to train your dog all of the basics that you intend to teach your pooch. The app comes with an easy to access and helpful list of videos to teach your pet some basic and fun tricks such as barking, jumping, sitting, playing dead, etc.

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Dog Whistle, Trainer 2019

This app is as efficient as it is easy to use. While it does not provide for the multiple modes for you to use as the other apps do, the user interface is very clean and striking. The app, instead, provides for you to choose a specific frequency to use when training your dog. Further, there is a helpful link to use in order to learn various tips and tricks regarding pet training.

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Dog Whistle – High-Frequency Tone Dog Trainer

This dog whistle app comes with an amazing list of tips and tricks for you to take advantage of in your pet training. The app has multiple segmented tutorial levels that help you complete a particular aspect of training before moving to the next one. These are divided into basic tutorials, recall tutorials, fetch tutorials, etc. Further, not only does the app come with varying frequency for you to adjust as you train your dog, the app allows you to record the training sessions in terms of the frequencies used while teaching your dog a particular trick.

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Dog Training & Clicker App

This is another app that has been made specifically with the intent to help you train your pet. The app is extensively helpful as it provides you with tons of options regarding sound patterns and frequencies. You get to play around with different tones and different frequencies that help your dog understand the different commands much more easily. To make the journey of you and your dog much less stressful, the app also provides you with helpful tips and tricks that teach you interesting facts about dogs and their behavior.

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Dog Whistle – The Best Dog Whistle of Dog Training

This dog whistle app has a user interface that is both straightforward and adorable to work with. The app comes with a varying range of frequencies that can be used to train your dog to assign a command to each. The app comes with an easy to follow step-by-step levels of training with increasing difficulty, such as teaching the dog to sit, stay, get his leash, etc.

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Dog Whistle PRO

This Android app comes with a minimalist interface and straightforward functionality. It allows the user to select a frequency to use while training your dog. Once that is selected, simply click on the whistle icon for your device to emit the whistle. Depending on the frequency used the app can be used either to train your dog or to correct its errant behavior.

Free Dog Whistle

The Free Dog Whistler comes with various modes and various frequencies for you to use while training your dog. Similar to the other apps on the list, the user can choose a specific frequency to go along with your chosen sound mode and vary the sound volume of the whistle. The interface also is very simple and purposeful for the user to take advantage of.

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