Hackers strike the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund

Norfund is competently the world’s largest wealth fund. It has control of a massive sum of $1 trillion of assets. Which was established by Norway’s enormous oil, amassing a ton of wealth on the market. But now, Norfund is also the latest fatality of a dominant cyberattack which has made the portfolio of funds a little feeble.

Norfund recently acknowledged that it had endured the so-called “an advance data breach,” which amounts to a massive loss of over $10 million of its physical cash reserves, which is equal to 100 million Norwegian kroner.

The fund says they are now collaborating with the Norwegian police and other appropriate authorities to obtain a broad outline of the circumstances to persevere and conserve their interests portfolio. They also quoted that they have already reinforced tight measures to centralize their methods and stopped all payments.

How was Norfund Victimised?

The mighty wealth management firm was compromised by an appealing email account that pertains to the fraud it seems, which was quoted in their blogpost whereas they are not even sure of how they have managed to fail the substantial amount of cash. 

It is stated that the fraudsters influenced and fabricated the information exchange between the borrowing institution and Norfund which was portrayed to be so true and authentic. Everything related to the attack like emails, exchange documents, and payment details were also manipulated.

That results in the colossal sum of a loan estimated to $10 million. Which was indicated to be located for a microfinance company in Cambodia, turned out in a Mexican bank account. This cyber-attack had happened on 16 March and was broadcasted over public after two months. Police and central investigators have been notified, and they are striving to demonstrate where the fraudsters have located the money.

What these Cyberattacks are teaching us?

Norfund CEO Tellef Thorleifsson quoted that “This is a grave incident,”. These cyberattacks clearly state the vulnerability of the digital channels and how even the mighty wealth management companies are left helpless. Thorleifsson added that this cyberattack exhibits that their systems and procedures are not adequately sufficient.

He also said that the firm was putting up with the effort to rectify the vulnerabilities that had been seized benefit of, and was dealing with it as a rapid and significant priority. 

The fund went social about being deceived out of the enormous money to try and put forward awareness of the digital vulnerability, and to shouted out to bring in any new leads through the investigation. Norfund wants to bring up awareness among other financial institutions, and so they are being transparent about this incident and avoid additional funds being victims of similar falsified activities.

These kinds of cyber frauds are increasing and also make the attack invisible without any clue or loose ends. Even Norfund is taking measures to ascertain what had happened at that time and how was the vast sum evaded from them. 

The fund was keeping it private so long because of the advice from police authorities, and now they publicize to create awareness among their peers.

 Terje A. Fjeldvær, head of fraud prevention at DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, had welcomed Norfund’s initiative to come public. He also stated that these criminals are very complicated to track and get convicted.

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