Twitter Starts Warning Users About Fake COVID-19 News

Twitter initiates fact-checks on the contents that are being posted on it’s a microblogging platform on COVID-19. Yup, apart from a viral post, the portrayal of “Facts” is more important.

At these unfavorable global situations of the COVID-19 outbreak, people would tend to panic easily by fake viral content on the web. So for the benefit of its loyal users, Twitter is continuously monitoring the authenticity of every teensy bit of information being posted on the platform.

Twitter is one of the powerful microblogging platforms with an enormous user base. This kind of fact-checking operation is essential to sustain the authenticity of the information that is thriving on social media networks.

Okay, now let’s see how Twitter supports its massive user base.

How do Twitter Help Users in Notifying the Authenticity

Twitter, in its official blog post, has announced today that it would highlight a misleading post or any harmful information on COVID-19 with labels and warnings. 

Twitter does this with the continuation to it’s March 2020 Policy guidelines, which states that Twitter would directly address the content that is misleading or going against the public guidance on COVID-19 from authentic sources of health care departments across the globe.

The blog also narrates that, it would label such misinformative contents with additional explanation and clarification of the prevailing situation and the severity of the harmfulness of the concerned material. Twitter is so sure about facilitating the useful content that is free from unnecessary panic materials.

Twitter has specifically mentioned the three categories where they would label a warning. They are misleading information, disputed claims, and unverified claims. The Twitter handle would scrutinize fake, inaccurate, and unconfirmed contents on its platform.

Twitter has exclusively established a team of fact-checking partners to verify the authenticity of the content, which is likely harmful offline. This is curatively done to distinguish and ascertain the purpose behind such a misleading post.

Twitter would prioritize in reviewing and labeling the contents that are of increased exposure and transmission in three different colors. These colors would represent the severity of the vulnerability. The three colors are Red, Orange, and Yellow. Twitter would take action on these misleading contents based on these colors. It is also denoted that in the future, more categories of labels would be formed to scrutinize different forms of misinformation contents. Twitter does this to strengthen the genuineness of the portal.

This system of labeling misleading posts works the same as that of the methods that handle deepfake technology promoted by synthetic media on the microblogging platform. That is brought up just a few months back on the portal.

We all know Twitter is a robust platform that is followed by millions of people around the globe. Such strict and authentic measures would promote and protect the actual facts of society. Let’s stay aware and stay safe in this Pandemic!

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