10 Cool Apps Every Teenage Girl Should Have

Adolescence is the age of learning, planning your future, and living on your terms. We have smartphones that allow you to waste time on social media, play games, and keep in touch with friends. We can also use a smartphone for many more things, including learning, security, camera, and more.

Today technology, mobile phones, and the Internet play an essential role in personal development. You have access to information, an easy way to learn, join a community of like-minded people, and make good friends. There are plenty of apps to try, but we think there are a few apps that every teen should have on the phone.

We go through different categories before making this list, and I am sure these apps will help in playing an essential role in your everyday life. Here is the list of cool apps for teens. Some of these applications are for fun, and some are for grooming, and some are for learning new things. I hope you love and enjoy this list of apps for teens. Tell me in the comments about your experience with these applications.

10 Best Apps for Teens

Below is a list of the best applications for teens that can make your smartphone more useful and exciting.

1. The best hairstyles step by step

This best hairstyle app offers cool hairstyles for teens. Each hairstyle has a step-by-step graphic representation that will help you create a great hairstyle. These hairstyles are simple and look elegant. You can easily make them yourself. With these latest hairstyles, you can rock your college with your friends. These hairstyles can be attractive to you in college, and the other girls will be jealous of you.


2. Makeup tutorial video Application 

Everyone wishes to look good, and makeup is a great way to enhance your beauty and confidence. This makeup tutorial app is straightforward to use and has good makeup tutorials for you. There are several easy-to-follow tips, tricks, and ideas with makeup tutorials. You can follow these makeup tutorials and acquire excellent makeup skills. It will make you accessible at your university and will also help you build confidence. Don’t miss this app on your list of the best apps for teens.


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3. Color splash effect

If you love clicking selfies or you are a photographically crazy young woman, this application is for you. With this application, you can go viral with your friends on social media. With this application, you can choose a specific color for your photo and make it unique. By tapping, you can select the particular color and the other colors in the gallery will disappear, creating a beautiful output image.

There are two filters in this app, touch color effects, or color filters. The touch color makes your photo black and white, old, or sepia.


4. The Flo period Tracker

The Flo Period Tracker is very easy to use. With this application, you can track your period and control your daily health and weight problems by entering data daily. You can also record your step count daily.

You can use a calendar to plan a cycle and to record your moods and PMS symptoms. You can also manage your lifestyle: you can add your daily sleep time, water intake, and physical activity. In short, it takes over full control of your health and helps you live a healthy life. As a girl, you must use this application.


5. Duolingo: learn languages for free

Puberty is the era of learning. If anyone wishes to learn a new language, this Duolingo application is for you. With this application, you can improve your communication skills in any language. This application is the best app for teenage girls like you. It contains tutorials in many languages. You can practice your skills while doing other work.


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6. Free Wattpad Books

Wattpad is for teens interested in reading and writing. It is a global body for readers and writers. You can find many stories related to your interest, like romance, science fiction, comedy, mystery, or whatever. This app is the best place to tell your own story to the world and listen to your stories. You can also create a new draft, add chapters to an existing story, or add a cover.


7. AppLock

DoMobile developed AppLock and, with over 100 million downloads, is the best-known application blocker for Android. It supports 24 languages and has an easy to use interface. Users can use it to block any application and block WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc.

As a girl, you must protect your smartphone from unknown access. This app is the must-have app for girls for security reasons.


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8. Study Music – Memory Booster

Music is the best and most powerful creation for men by men. In addition to party music, sad music, and love music, there is also music to relax, focus, focus, and learn better. The use of this music app is to develop concentration and stimulate memory. It has natural sounds like running water, raindrops, and more music that improve perception and memorization. It also contains different songs for different tasks like concentrating, learning and creating, and much more. As a girl, you must use this application.


9. Awoken- Lucid dreaming tool

Would you like to learn Lucid Dreaming and better understand your dreams? The tool to achieve this is awake. Awoken is a precise application and a dream guide with a free dream diary, cloud sync, clear dream information, and lucid dreaming techniques. This app will silently notify you every morning to remember your dream. With this application, you can save your journal entries in a search list and protect your dreams. Some memories scan your surroundings so you can learn to check if you are dreaming.


10. TimeTune – Optimize your time

Yes, I know that doing work on time is a bit boring. But it increases productivity, improves your daily routine, and helps you make better use of your time. With this TimeTune application, you can do many tasks in one day. This app uses time management skills based on daily routines and is suitable for anyone who appreciates their time.

You can customize this application for each notification (vibration, sound, personal message, popup, and even voice). Therefore, all teenage girls should have this app on their phone.


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