11 Best Procreate Alternatives for Android & iOS

Gone are the days when the internet was only used for browsing information. With the advancement of technology, it is now used for a variety of purposes. this has also changed the way people perceive and do arts.

Traditionally, artists made use of pen, paper, hand brushes, colors, etc., but now, with the advent of a digital platform for making artwork, things have changed drastically. One of the most preferred apps for this purpose is to procreate that helps in creating beautiful art forms as per the convenience of the artist. The best part of these apps is that it has reduced the need for carrying lots of equipment that was traditionally needed.

Procreate is a complete art studio and has all the required tools that an artist might require for his work. It makes the artist feel as if they are working in real-time which doesn’t completely take away their traditional form from them. There are several brushes from which you can customize according to your own need.

While procreate is a great platform for artists, it isn’t available to those who don’t own an iPad. So, the people who use android devices need an alternative that will work just as good as this one for creating their artwork. While there are several such apps available, the big task is to choose the right one. Here are the 11 best procreate alternatives for Android and iOS devices.

Best Procreate Alternatives for Android & iOS

ArtStudio pro

This is one of the best apps for beginners. While digital platforms are easy to use, it still takes time to get used to it. So, this is a great way to begin one’s digital artwork journey. It has 25 brushes that include pencils, bucket fill, a smudge tool, and an airbrush, all tools that are required to create the perfect masterpiece. You can adjust the settings of the brushes as per your requirement. it is cheaper and a viable option as compared to procreate.

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Adobe photoshop sketch

This app provides access to various expressive drawing tools that help the artist in giving the right touch to their artwork. Since it can be easily connected with other adobe products, importing and exporting to and from photoshop becomes an easy task. It has a great user interface that is easy to use and improves the efficiency of the user. It has about 14 brushes and can be downloaded freely on all operating systems except windows.


This app is suitable for those who want the most realistic imitation of traditional art on a digital platform. It allows the mixing of colors, helps you keep track of wetness, thickness, and lighting direction. It has quite an intuitive interface that makes it easy for the ones craving the traditional form, feel at home again. While it has lesser tools as compared to procreate, it is also cheaper in price.

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This drawing app is well known among the big companies that have graphic design as its core need. One can easily create doodles, artwork, or any drawing that the user needs. there are various tools available for the user which they can use to perfect their artwork as needed. it is easy to install and very cost-effective too.

Clip studio paint EX

This app helps in transforming your dream designs into perfect artwork on an iPad. It also is a great app to work on manga, comics, and animations. The user can also use more layers and more illustrations too. it also has unlimited animation frames, so you can keep your imagination running till you achieve your perfect design. It is compatible with all devices.

Ibis paint X

This app is the best alternative to procreate. It comes with various tools and templates that help greatly with animation and comics such as manga and anime. with frame dividers and text bubbles to help you achieve the classic comic book look. You can also keep a record of what you are working on that helps you to save frames separately. It has various color palettes, brushes, which are free of cost and also you get to connect with various artists too.


For people who love sketching the most, this app provides the best digital sketching experience. it has various comics, textures, and several brushes that help you in creating the perfect art you have imagined. it is easy to add new features to this app, therefore is flexible.


This is one of the best beginner-friendly apps for digital artwork. It is a graphic design app that helps in creating the best quality work with ease. It is available for iOS devices and is most suitable for all those artists who like working with different geometrical shapes and lines. It has amazing typography tools and full vector SVG output that helps you make the best of your work.

Adobe illustrator draw

Coming from Adobe, one of the trusted brands for various applications, it has made digital art an easy job. It helps in an in-depth illustration that helps in the creation of the best digital artworks. It is easy to integrate with various adobe software that makes it easy to import and export files. Overall, it is a great alternative to procreate.

Infinite painter

This app is the best and most popular among android users. It offers more than 80 natural brushes which you can adjust as per your convenience. In addition to this, it also features unlimited layer support, paper textures, transformation tools, perspective aids, and various other tools that artists require while creating artwork. The best part is that it provides a 7-day trial period and if it suits your need, you can upgrade it to premium to get access to all its features.

Autodesk sketchbook

This app is most common among graphic designers. It works on all devices and operating systems. It has a bigger canvas size as compared to procreate but a lesser number of brushes which is about 190 and has tools that help in creating smooth lines and correct shapes.  It also allows saving work in various image formats that make it easy to upload wherever needed. It comes with a 7-day trial period and even the licensed version comes pretty cheaply.


Art has come a long way from how it started. With the introduction of new technology, even new creators find it easy to make the best of their imagination on the digital platform. These apps are a good platform for budding artists as they can start working whenever they come with an interesting idea for an artwork.

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