12 Free Receipt Generator Apps (Android & iOS)

While dealing with any business, it is important to make sure the payments are carried out seamlessly. For that, there needs to be a good receipts generator that helps in easy invoice generation.

Amazon is a go-to business website for many people and so the need of having a good amazon receipts generator is quite important. In this article, we will discuss the best receipts generators available for android and iOS users:

1. Invoice maker: Estimate and invoice app

This is an easy-to-use app for creating hundreds of customized receipts. There are various templates available that you can choose from or you can create one that you prefer. It has all important points required in a receipt such as quantity, rate, item number, etc. it also supports discounts and various types of taxes whether they are total, inclusive, or exclusive.

The best feature is that you can easily put a digital version of your signature on the receipt. It is compatible with your phone contact book so you can easily send receipts to your customers. However, there is one demerit and that is you have to upgrade to the pro version for unlimited access to receipts.

Download (Android | iOS)

2. Free invoice generator

There are blanks provided in this app where you just have to enter the required information to generate the receipt. This app makes it easy to include taxes too and has made it easy to generate receipts.

The users can share the receipt via email, download it, or save it to their cloud account to be able to access it whenever. Also, you can view your receipt before its generated so that you have the time to make changes if required.

Download (Android)

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3. Invoice & Quote Maker App – Billdu

This app provides various built-in templates that the users can use according to their convenience. Also, you can add your company logo, color, and your signature too. it is also a great way to track your payments so that you will know what is overdue. The barcode scanner in it has made the process of adding the products in it quite easy.

The data synchronization feature without an internet connection has made it easy to be operated on any device without worrying about losing data. In addition to all receipt generating task, you can also create quotes and send them to your customers when needed.

Download (Android | iOS)

4. Invoice maker and billing app

This app has receipts that can be colored with different colors as per the requirement of the company. It is good for those who like aesthetics even in invoice printing. This app has another feature that helps the users mark invoices paid as paid and they can also monitor partial payments and deposits.

You can also generate receipts in several languages by using 150 currency symbols and formats. One can also easily share these via various sources to their customers.

Download (Android | iOS)

5. Invoice2go

There are some pre-loaded logos and templates that the users can use or even add their own as per their need. It is a great app to monitor one’s expenses and incomes. It also provides detailed reports on different points that help the users better with their finances.

In addition to these features, there are other tools such as bill tracker, bill organizer, time tracker that can be used as per the user’s need.

Download (Android | iOS)

6. Free invoice maker app

This is a great amazon receipt app for android users. It takes into consideration all parameters needed for the creation of an invoice so that it meets your requirements. One can easily calculate their taxes and invoices in this app itself, so you won’t have to worry about it.

It helps in easy data synchronization between different devices and also can be saved to the cloud, so you know your information is always safe and accessible to you.

Download (Android)

7. Invoice Maker – Tiny Invoice

This app is loaded with various parameters, logos, discounts, and digital signatures- all combined to make the perfect amazon receipt. It can be easily downloaded in various formats and sent to the customers directly.

This app also helps in setting a certain time for your reports such as daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It can also be generated according to different items, customers, or categories.

Download (Android | iOS)

8. Free GST Invoice Generator

This app has all the basic features of invoice generation such as professionally designed templates, logos, payment terms, taxes, and discounts. You can also add your signature to complete the receipt. It is a very user-friendly app and easy to use.

Download (Android | iOS)

9. Wave invoicing

This is an amazing free invoicing app and has an excellent user interface. It provides multicurrency support and makes transactions easier to manage. The payments are made instantly and with ease. The receipts can be directly sent to the consumers or downloaded and used the way you prefer it.

Download (Android | iOS)

10. Quick receipt

This app is only for android users and is another simple receipt generator for amazon. You just need to fill in the required information asked including adding your logo and choosing company color and in a few seconds, your receipt will be generated. You can also save these details so that next time it’ll be even easier.

Download (Android | iOS)

11. Invoice creator by FreshBooks

This app allows you to use the automatically generated templates or you can create one of your own by editing the given template. You can also choose the industry you work in so that your receipt looks more suitable as per that industry’s billing standards. It also supports 6 European languages and works well with Siri, so you can give voice commands and have your work done.

Download (iOS)

12. Receipts: create, print and mail

This is one of the best receipt generator apps for iOS devices. The invoice can easily be generated within a few seconds. Also, you can add your company logo and signature too. The invoice generated can be easily sent to the customer or saved to iCloud to be accessed whenever needed. one can also save it as a CSV file if they are interested in doing a statistical analysis of their receipts.

Download (iOS)


Next time you are stuck on deciding upon the generation of receipts for your bill payment, you know you can use any of the apps listed above as per your needs and have your work done with ease.

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