10 Best T-Shirt Designing Apps for Android & iOS

Carrying T-Shirts is casual but what makes them un-casual is the print on it. Style is the youth’s icon and today’s young lads are more conscious about style and design. And why not, after all, it’s all about style and fashion that makes you noticeable. Be it, girls or boys, T-shirts is common to wear. So, how about the idea of customizing and designing your own T-shirts? Cool, it’s! You’ll be more than happy to know that you can make use of T-Shirt designing App for Android and iOS devices to pour your creativity to design the best witty, funky, and cool T-Shirts.

If you want to paste your photo on your T-Shirt or wander enough into stores to find a T-shirt of your taste but fails, then the T-shirt designing App for Android smartphones will help. These T-Shirt designing apps can be used in many ways, say if you want to customize T-Shirts for your party or are dealing in the clothing business. Besides that, these apps will also let you earn a handsome amount by selling your designed T-Shirts online right from these apps itself. Here’s the bunch of awesome T-shirts designing Apps for you. Have a look 

Best T-Shirt Designing Apps for Android & iPhone



This is the first T-shirt designing App for Android and iOS platform providing you complete features of designing, customizing, and selling T-Shirts right from the app itself. Creating T-shirt designs is very easy with Snaptee. Check out more of its features –

  • Write anything on your T-Shirt, be it a funny pun or inspiring quote.
  • Use photos in your design.
  • Apply logo if it’s for business purpose.
  • Integrated with Instagram
  • Share your designs with Snaptee community.

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This is one of the dynamic T-Shirt design apps where you will cherish as many features as you want. The app allows you to create your own designs, order others, and sell your designs. Read more features about this really wonderful design app.

  • Not just T-Shirts, you can make many other things like Hoodies, Phone case, and tote bags.
  • Paste photos from your gallery or from an in-built picture library of the app.
  • Variety of filters and tools for customization
  • Choose the size, shape, and color of the T-Shirt you like.

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Shirt Designer – oShirt

This T-Shirt designing App for Android and iPhone is no less than a professional T-Shirt designer. You may enjoy amazing tools to reflect your creativity in the T-Shirts design by you. It has following salient features –

  • Create custom T-Shirts, Hoodies, & More
  • Add millions of shapes and photos or your own
  • Add text with many fonts and styles.
  • Shop designs from thousands of users.
  • Easy checkout and fast shipping.

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T-shirt design maker

This T-Shirt designing App For Android is not available for the iOS platform. Wearing a T-Shirt is cool, it’s comfortable and stylish. It’s also in fashion these days. This app has a lot to offer you. See here –

  • Write texts in hundreds of stylish fonts, size, and color.
  • Change the background color of your T-Shirt.
  • Add photo art.
  • Apply filters and other tools to make it attractive.
  • Pick frames from various categories.

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Design & Get Your T-Shirt

This App is the easiest way to customize your T-Shirt apparels. It’s a user-friendly app without any premium features. Earn money through selling best price T-Shirts made by you. The features of this app include –

  • More than 10k already available images.
  • Add your own images
  • Additional updates for occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, and Easter.
  • The app is easy to use and operate.

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T-Shirt Design Studio

The name of the app is justified by its name. It’s really a pocket-studio for designing your T-Shirts anywhere anytime even while traveling. Know more about its lavishing features –

  • Import and export design features.
  • Add texts and photos with style.
  • Pre-defined templates.
  • In-built photo editor to enhance the effect of your photos.
  • Purchase from other designers.

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Sports T-Shirt Designer

As the name of the app itself gives an idea about its function, this T-Shirt designing App For Android is notably for designing sports T-Shirts only. You can create thousands of personalized T-Shirts for your team right into this app. It’s free and easy to use. Its prominent features are –

  • You can write name to the back of the T-Shirt
  • Upload designs from the internet or your phone gallery.
  • Add logos of your team.
  • Write Numbers on the back of the T-Shirt.
  • Best app for designing professional looking T-Shirts.

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Clothes Designer

If you’re tired of searching for clothes that match your taste, you should try this app once. Using this app, you can design your own clothes. You can design any types of clothes in this App. So, it’s not just limited to design T-Shirts. Its other features are –

  • More than 10 categories containing hundreds of funny, weird, and trendy stickers.
  • Paste your own selfies and photos.
  • Variety of designs and shapes are available.
  • You can set the font style, color, and size, as you like.
  • Seamless to use.

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T-Shirt Designer

This is another simple yet a good T-Shirt designing App For Android. It’s a free application that can fit into any Android device later than 4.0 version. Also, the size of the app is very small so, it won’t take much of the storage space on your Android smartphone. Let’s know what the app has to offer you –

  • Add stickers and Emoji
  • Write the text (name, quotes, etc.) on the T-Shirt
  • Filters are available to style your text and design.
  • Change colors from an array of color combinations.
  • Upload your previous designs to the app.

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Custom T-Shirt Design

The work of the app exactly matches its name. It’s a T-Shirt designing App For Android that lets you customize your designs the way you want. It’s the easiest app to use and you can create your T-Shirt design in less than a minute. Know its features –

  • Download and save your designs into the phone memory.
  • Share your designs with friends and family through social Apps.
  • Increase or decrease the size of the pictures on the photo.
  • Add 3-D designs to your T-Shirts.

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