Hashtags Not Working? Here’s 7 Ways to Fix it

Instagram is a great social media for reaching out to potential businesses, customers, and influencers too. It has been a great platform for budding artists be it in fashion, music, or any other industry as it helps in providing quite a good reach. One of the methods to increase reach on Instagram is by using the right hashtag.

Hashtags help in reaching the right audience as they act as keywords on Instagram search. People can get what they are looking for by using the right tag for it. Once you have uploaded the picture, all you need to do is add the right hashtag that is relatable to the picture as well as your target audience and see the wonders it does.

People across the globe following content similar to yours will stumble upon your post and that is how your engagement will increase.

As great as it might sound, it becomes an annoying problem when it doesn’t work. It has been often reported that despite using the right hashtags, the content doesn’t reach the right audience that results in less engagement of the said post.

Since social media platform such as Instagram plays an important role in the promotion of various brands, artists, and other things, it is important to address the issue that’s causing the glitch with the hashtag.

1.The account is private

Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Instagram allows its users to either maintain a private account or go public. As the name suggests, private ones are for individuals who like to keep their personal life away from the public eye and they allow whom they want on their profiles. A public account, on the other hand, is usually for businesses, influencers, and various artists who are trying to make a living via promotions on Instagram.

So, when you are trying to reach a larger audience with your hashtags, you need to go public. Private accounts don’t allow anyone other than the followers to view your post and might be the reason why your recent post got relatively less engagement than you expected.

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2.Banned/Restricted hashtags are used

Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Not Working

We know the internet is a place to get pretty much everything. That includes all the pleasantness as well as the nastiness of the world. Instagram is no different. While people can often find desirable stuff there, there are also several undesirable and rather hateful things present. The hashtags that promote things of hateful nature in any way are banned by Instagram. It also happens in the case of normal hashtags. If a certain hashtag is popular, people misuse it to have a better reach for their hateful things. Those hashtags are then flagged as inappropriate.

So, what can you do? You need to be informed about the right hashtags. A simple way to ensure that a hashtag is working fine and not banned is by searching for it in the explorer’s age. If you can see it working, it will work when you post it along with your post.

3. Irrelevant hashtags

Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Not Working

The whole purpose of hashtags is to segregate related content together so that it is easier for people to stumble upon them while they are exploring their feed. That is why it is important to use a relevant hashtag that has some meaning and is in some way related to the post you are making. Otherwise, you can sit around with a hashtag that sounds cool but has no meaning and you’ll see nothing happening with your post.

So, how to post a relevant hashtag? Well, you need to do some research. With the emergence of many artists, etc., on Instagram, it has become rather tough to compete but by using the most trending hashtag along with some uniqueness that gives a unique touch to it, you will be good to go.

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4.Use the allowable limit of hashtags

Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Not Working

Some people might think why businesses use a lot of hashtags on their posts. Well, that’s because more hashtags directly mean better reach. And Instagram allows 30 hashtags, so one should make the best use of it

While it might look a bit wordy and messy, but who cares about that if you are getting better reach and customer engagement? Your goal is to grow on Instagram, so make the best use of everything that this platform has to offer.

5. Re-adding hashtags again and again

Reasons Why Your Instagram Hashtags Not Working

By now we know the more hashtags, the better it is for the content posted. So, many Instagram users edit their posts and add more hashtags once they have got a certain amount of engagement in hopes of reaching an even wider audience. Sorry to tell you, it does not work that way.

Since Instagram allows as good as 30 hashtags, think hard and good about them and post them just once. Editing it, again and again, doesn’t do anything other than actually removing it from the feed of target people and your headache about the whole process.

6. Profile flagged by Instagram due to the misuse of hashtags

This is just our wild guess but it happens. Sometimes people post content, which is irrelevant to their hashtags and purpose to get a proper reach but instead end up being flagged for being irrelevant. Don’t do that. If your profile has been flagged as inappropriate once, chances are you might not get a second chance to do better as Instagram takes these concerns seriously.

Don’t overdo your hashtags and always keep it real and relatable to the content. You will see that without irrelevant posts too, your post is reaching the right set of people.

7.Too many hashtags

Yes, I know. We said more hashtags meant better reach so what does too many hashtags mean? Well, what we want to say here is to use the right hashtags in the right order. Don’t overdo it. Hashtags are meant to increase profile visits and engagement but overdoing it might kill the vibe a little.

For example, once you’ve exhausted your 30 hashtags, don’t post the same in your comment section hoping it’ll help in some way as it won’t. Keep it relatable, short, and simple.


No one can deny the role of hashtags in today’s time. They help in trending a lot in different social media such as Instagram, Twitter. Therefore, knowing the right ones to use will help people in reaching the right people too.

Be mindful of the reasons given above as the small mistake can often lead to bigger issues while you are using social media. Use hashtags the right way and you’ll see a much better engagement of your profile in no time.

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