8 Smart Ways of Shopping Online with Complete Safety & Security

Technological advancement has pretty much transformed all the spheres of life, including the way we shop. Amidst relishing perks of online shopping, it is the online security that is often compromised.

A significant shift has been observed from the traditional shopping mode to the online mode due to its multitudinous benefits in recent years. Online shopping offers you great convenience, affordable options, hassle-free overall experience without leaving the comfort of your house.

It has given the consumers the power to shop, keeping in view their ease, budget, and time. With power comes the responsibility too. This responsibility is to protect you from any cyber mischief while shopping online.

Online security and safety should be a precedence to every buyer shopping on any platform. Cybercriminals continually hunt for the vulnerabilities at these shopping sites and target them without apprising them.

It may result in substantial financial losses and even pose a threat to your sensitive personal information. One can put the below-mentioned tips to use to improve the security of your shopping experience.

Contemplate before giving out the information

Pay attention even before sharing minute information while shopping online. Think thoroughly as to why a particular website is asking for specific information from you. One should be careful in providing personal information. This includes birth date, any form of password or pin.

Oversharing information makes you an easy target of cybercriminals and poses a threat to online security. Verify the information asked from the site’s privacy statement, which generally provides a clear picture of your data’s safety.

Double check the credibility

Do not fall into the trap of fake websites with massive discounts and cheap items. Those “steal deal” prices are to attract you. It is always advisable to shop from regular websites with a good reputation in the market. Additionally, one can always check for the internet trust certificates provided by a reliable organization. For example, GeoTrust SSL Certificate is one such renowned digital Certificate Authority which ensures website authentication and guarantees secure transactions. It includes encryption services through pocket-friendly SSL Certificates to midsize online businesses as well as large enterprises. One should not trust the website in the absence of the details mentioned above. 

Always prefer a secure connection

 Cybercriminals can easily place themselves between users and the connection point, especially in free Wi-Fi. This is a common practice used by hackers to steal personal information resulting in severe consequences.

A personal network is considered a safer option than the open Wi-Fi present in public spaces. A scammer can quickly obtain your email address and password through this mode and use it in malicious forms.

Cautious towards suspicious sites

Some online websites do not provide any online receipt of the payment made by you for the purchase. These websites deliver substandard products and do not have any exchange or return policy.

Always check for the reviews and the reputation of the seller before shopping online. Recently reported cases also include merchants selling the financial information of the customers in exchange for insignificant amounts. It is essential to decide before making any move cautiously.

Sound and secure payment system

Making your online purchase through a credit card is considered a safer option than the debit card. This is because of the fact that reimbursement is higher in the case of a credit card as per the federal laws.

Ensure the Website is Legitimate or not before making payment. One can also pay through a virtual credit card as it generates a new security number, which is difficult to misuse.

 Hard to crack passwords for the win!

 A strong password is one of the simplest ways to keep it all safe and secure for you. Many of us use the same password for multiple accounts on different platforms, making us an easy target for attackers. 

Please set a password lengthy enough, involving a lot of unique characters, and change it frequently. Common mistakes include using the combination of name and date of birth as passwords.

Avoiding such mistakes shield you from identity theft and financial frauds while buying online.

Beware before posting information online

Numerous websites on the internet ask for a variety of information for multiple purposes. The intent of all of these is not true-blue. One should avoid posting sensitive information online without giving it significant thought.

Social media sites are almost an addiction to all of us today. It is observed that people often post personal information, do not opt for enough security, and send open invites. This is also valid for the shopping websites asking for information more than required. Use your intellect in such cases and ensure your security first.

Immediate measures in case of fraud

 Taking all the safety measures to ensure the online security lie totally in our hands, yet there are fraudulent cases worldwide. It is our responsibility to take stern steps straight away.

Do not hesitate to report the case immediately to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The entire scenario may be rattling enough to you, but it is essential to lodge an immediate formal complaint. Notify the same with your credit card company for firm action.


Online shopping spaces are filled with fake retailers pretending to be legitimate online retail stores. Setting up stores online on social platforms and then vanishing into thin air after making hefty sales is another common fraud these days. Amidst all this, it is essential to be an aware consumer and circumspect thoroughly through the above mentioned ways.

In case you come across a similar fraud, it is essential to maintain your calm and scrutinize the entire situation. Further, one must report it to the concerned authorities in no time and even to the FBI, depending upon the fraud’s extent.


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