11 Best Webcam Apps to Use Phone as Webcam

The first thing people notice in their phones is the camera quality. It has become an important feature to consider while purchasing a new smartphone. Having a good camera not only helps in taking good quality pictures but also allows the users to use it as their webcam when needed.

So, if you want to use your smartphone as a webcam, several apps can help you with that. By installing one of these apps, you can use your Android or iPhone as a webcam for your computer.

1. Droid Cam

droidcam Best webcam apps

This app can turn your Android or iPhone into a webcam. The app works with a PC client that connects the desktop with your phone using WiFi or a USB cable. The free version provides SD quality (480p). If you want HD video support then you can buy its pro version. One limitation of Droidcam is that it does not support MAC devices. Only Windows and Linux devices are supported.

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2. Wi-Fi webcam

Best Apps to use android phone as webcam 2

This app for android users comes in handy some times if they want to turn it into a webcam without an internet connection. That’s right, it can be used offline and free of cost. How so? Well, it creates hotspot Wi-Fi on your device on which you can add another. Once connected, you will be able to easily access other phones. It helps in watching the screen of other android phones from your camera with ease.


3. CameraFi

Best Apps Webcam Apps for Android 3

Loaded with a user-friendly interface, this app helps in recording videos from a USB UVC camera once you have connected it to your android device. It is free of cost and can be used easily without any root access. The best part about this app is that it supports quite a lot of different video sizes and quality depending upon your screen resolution which is supported by a USB camera. It can also be used as a video and audio recorder if needed.


4. WebCam

use phone camera as webcam for pc via usb

This is one of the most-used apps and is quite popular among Android users too. It can be accessed free of cost. With a superb user-interface, it allows Android users to share places with their friends and family, no matter the distance. It allows you to access the cameras around you by typing in keywords for countries and cities and watch real-time videos. It is a great app for travel enthusiasts as it allows them to sneak a peek at the world around them.


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5. IP WebCam Acid

Best live webcam apps 5

If you are a working individual and would want to have updates about your baby or pet who stays home alone for some part, this app is for you. Most users turn their old smartphones into webcams as it helps them in keeping a check over their apartment, baby, or pets. It is easy to use and download, so there’s no hassle involved.


6. Webcams online

use android phone as webcam with usb cable 6

This app allows you to get into different live webcams across the world to get a peek at it. It can be easily installed on phones and doesn’t take up much space either. It doesn’t take long to get connected. Once you have a secured connection, you can easily watch live what’s going around the world, just sitting at home and on your android device.


7. Warden cam

Best Apps Webcam Apps for Android

Just like the name suggests, this app acts like a warden and keeps your home secure. It does so by allowing you to watch over your house and see what’s going on there. It has video as well as audio monitoring, so you can hear and see what’s going on around. It is great for people with precious belongings, kids, pets, whom they have to leave at home for long hours at times. It helps in making the user feel secure.


8. World webcams

Best Apps Webcam Apps for Android 8

This app allows you to get through various webcams placed across the world and travel around virtually. The best part about this app is that you can also save images and videos on your device for free and share them with your friends if you want. You can import and export data for free here and also customize your webcam at your convenience. So, enjoy an app that allows you to look across the world by sitting in the comfort of your house.


9. Earth cam live

Best apps to use android phone as webcam with usb cable 9

You can easily go around the world virtually with this app for android devices. It helps you connect with webcams from various countries/cities and different places such as their beaches, streets, etc. In case you are planning to take a trip somewhere, you can have a clear & live view in advance about what to expect of that place.


10. Tiny cam monitor

Best Apps Webcam Apps for Android 10

This app supports several devices and has 17 different layouts with an unlimited number of cameras. It also has a LAN scanner that helps in the automatic detection of cams. There’s two-way audio you can both listen as well as talk. You can switch to different cameras with its sequence mode. The images/videos can be easily saved in local storage or cloud services too.


11. IP webcam

Best Apps Webcam Apps for Android 11

This is quite a popular app that helps to turn your android into a webcam/network camera. Some of the best features of this app include multiple viewing options to get different views on your device, supports audios and there is also an in-built motion detection with sound trigger and sensor data acquisition with online web graphing. Apart from these amazing features, you can view the camera on any of the web browser or VLC player, whatever is suitable for you.



These apps help a great deal in looking around the world without going through the hassle of having a laptop for a webcam. These webcams provide a real-time view of anything you want to see and also act as a guard for your house if needed.

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