12 Best Bartending Apps For Beginners

Going out for drinks on weekends is one of the best ways to unwind, relax, and also catch up with friends. However, going out for drinks can sometimes be a tad bit expensive. But don’t worry. You can still have great drinks and spend time with your friends, by staying in.

Several bartender apps have more than 1000 recipes for different types of drinks. These apps have been a lifesaver during house parties. They help in knowing what goes into the making of an amazing drink.

1. 8500+ drink recipes free

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Just like the name suggests, this app provides more than 8500 recipes of different drinks for free. It is a great app for those who like trying out a new type of drink every time they go drinking. The best is that you get it all in the comfort of your home. Since there are way too many recipes, the best way to know the best ones is by trying them out. With this app, you have most of your drinking nights sorted.


2. Cocktails guru

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This app will help you in becoming a cocktail guru. This app has a list of top 100 cocktails, popular cocktails, and also cocktail packages. Loaded with a detailed description of the said cocktails, it also shows you the final product as presentation matters too. Apart from that, it’ll also tell you the total time taken for making the cocktail. So, if you want to become a professional cocktail maker, download this app and get started.


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3. BarSim Bartender Game 

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With about 100 cocktail recipes listed in this app, this is an interesting bartender game available. Apart from the recipe, it also includes other drinking etiquettes such as glassware, the proper technique to shake, amount poured, stirring, muddling, blending, and also the garnishes used and you are scored based on these things.


4. Cocktail recipes

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This app contains more than 500 recipes that are quite easy to follow. It is a great way to start your cocktail-making. The recipes include the cocktails mixed with alcoholic drinks and other ingredients that are used.  There are many new recipes that you can try on your drink’s night and impress everyone with your skills.


5. Mr. bartender – drink & cocktail recipes

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You can be the bartender for the next house party you through for friends and also impress with some amazing cocktails. This app has over 90 cocktails that you can try with detailed recipes to help you deliver the best in taste drinks. It contains both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks, so that won’t be a problem.


6. Bartender guide

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For those who are willing to be a bartender, this is a great app to start. Apart from amazing drink recipes to amaze your friends, this app also informs you about the skills required for the best bartending. It will also tell you all the bar-related tools you might need to run a good bar. You can search the drinks recipes based on their ingredients too. So next time your friends want drinks with specific ingredients, you know where you can find the right recipe.


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7. My cocktail bar

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If you want to experiment with the ingredients that you have at home, this is the right place to get some ideas from. This app contains detailed recipes for all cocktails so you’ll know what goes into the making of those delicious drinks. You can do some changes and add your flavor and bam, you have a new customized drink ready for you. It also allows you to save your favorite drinks, so you can try them anytime you want.


8. Cocktail flow

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For people who love themed-based drinks, cocktail flow is a great app. It has around 600 unique cocktails and smoothie recipes so that you can try a new one every time. also, it consists of about 100 inspiring drink categories and themed collections, so you can choose something according to your mood. Since this app regularly updates its drinks list and adds new cocktails every time something new is out, it is quite famous.


9. Mixologist – Cocktail recipes

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This app consists of 77 official IBA cocktail recipes in detail so you can try them at your homes. Also, it’s ad-free and has a user-friendly UI that makes it easy to use, even for novices. The best feature of this app is that it works offline too, so you don’t need to have an internet connection every time you wish to access one of the recipes.


10. Shake and strain

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This is a great app for beginners. It has about 200 or more cocktail recipes and detailed explanations so that users can easily make them at home. The recipes have a video tutorial too, so it’s an added benefit for those who prefer video recipes more. These recipes are listed here for free, so you can benefit the most from the recipes listed here next time you wish to drink.


11. Tipsy bartender drinks


This app has many detailed cocktail recipes that you can try next time you want something new and different. The information provided here is easy to follow and understand for the users. With the added video tutorial in this app, you can also know how your drink is supposed to look, so you can decide what you want to drink before making it. This is quite an organized bartending app that every aspiring bartender should download.


12. Jigger: cocktail drink recipes


This app makes bartending look fun and quite interesting. You can filter the recipes by taste, glass types, alcohol volume, and a few more fun filters. It has a user-friendly interface that makes using it a great experience for the users. This app also contains lesser-known cocktails that you can try.



Drinking out is mostly fun because you don’t have to worry about making it yourself but it can burn a hole in your pocket if you go a bit overboard with it. So, download one of these bartending apps so that you can not only host a drinking night but also become quite the professional at making drinks.

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