8 Best DirecTV apps for Android & iPhone

Long gone are the days when we only watched the channels provided by our service provider that ran on our television. We have busy lives now and sitting at home comfortably to watch TV is something that we can’t afford at the moment. It is in times like these that DirecTV apps come in handy.

These apps allow you to directly stream from anywhere on your device, even record your favorite shows or movies for watching later, without any kind of extra cost or equipment. Listed below are a few of the best DirecTV apps available for android users.

1. DirecTV for tablets

directv app for android

Made especially for tablets, this app allows you to stream your TV anywhere if you have a good internet connection on your device. It works well on android 5.0 tablets and later versions. You can use your tablet as a remote and control what’s playing on your TV.

It also has a feature of switching screens that allow users to tap and switch to the big screen if they feel like it. You can also record your shows from anywhere so that you don’t miss anything, in case you are unavailable to watch it live.

Download for Android, iPhone

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2. NFL Sunday ticket

This app is made for all those NFL fans who don’t wish to miss a momendirectv appt of their favorite game. It allows you to easily review scores, stats, highlights, everything while watching the game. The users can also watch up to 4 games simultaneously and have audio on for the one they are most interested in.

The video quality is top-notch and makes for an immersive user experience. You can easily watch your favorite games via Chromecast on your TV, in case you want it on the big screen.

Download for Android

3. DirecTV Remote App/Remote+ Pro for DirecTV

DirecTV Remote App

This remote app helps in controlling your DirecTV via your android device. You can easily adjust the volume and add shortcuts and use them to ease the overall control. However, only people who have paid for the pro version can use the shortcuts. The pro version is worth a lot more than the free one, so we suggest getting that for using all the features of this app properly.

Download for Android

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4. AT&T TV


Now you can enjoy a seamless live sports experience with ease using the AT&T TV app. It allows users to watch live sports, news, shows, and several other on-demand titles. You can also record in case you are unavailable to watch your favorites live so that you don’t miss anything.

Download for Android

5. Sports Bar Finder

directv app for android

This is quite different from your regular DirecTV apps but works just as well as the others. Partnered with YELP and by using GPS, this app helps in finding sports bars that offer a DirecTV program. While yelp helps you in figuring out the best bar available, GPS will provide you with the right directions to it. You can also invite your friends and watch games together.

However, you need to be of legal drinking age i.e., 21 to use it since it is a bar. It offers a variety of options for restaurants as well as bars that you can choose from.

Download for Android

6. DirecTV for fire tablets

DirecTV for fire tablets

This app is specially designed for users of Amazon fire tablets. They can get easy access to premium channels, easily switch between multiple devices, and binge-watch their favorites of all time. You can record your shows and even use a fire tablet as a remote. If your kids are also watching, you can set parental controls and relax.

Download for Android

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7. Pandora and More on Your Android TV

Pandora app

While it is more of an audio app, you can use it on your Android TV by signing up for a free account on pandora.com/directv. You can easily listen to the songs of your favorite athletes across the world with ease. It sets the music according to your mood and vibes. It gives you the most personalized experience and there are several genres to choose from. There are more than 1400 podcasts available for users to listen to.

Download for Android

8. DirecTV for Business

DirecTV for Business

As the name suggests, this one is especially for the business that owns a sports bar or any such business that offers DirecTV for their customers to watch. This app helps businesses in grouping, controlling, and assigning custom names to their receivers so they can be distinguished easily. It is supported on Android OS 4.4 or later versions. You will also have to register as a business account on the DirecTV website.

Download for Android


So, these were a few of the best DirecTV apps available for users. Download the one that you feel suits your needs the best and let us know about your experience.


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