11 Sites like Rainiertamayo to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online

Have you got some downtime from work? Or maybe you are just taking a break? Or quite possibly, you want to catch up to the latest and best movies currently trending? Rainiertamayo was the way to go! This service was known for streaming the latest movies online for free. It comes with the largest selection of movies and TV series in HD quality. But the good times did not last as the founder, Rainier Tamayo was arrested in 2016 for copyright infringement.

However, there are many other services just like Rainiertamayo that let you watch movies for free. Following is the list of alternative websites, very similar to Rainiertamayo, curated for you.

Rainiertamayo Alternatives – 11 similar Sites Like Rainiertamayo


This is one of the websites that is similar to Rainiertamayo. The user interface is comparable to that of the latter. All you need to do is search for the movie you wish to watch; hit the search button and you are set! Another cool feature about this website is that you can search for movies either by category or the year in which they were released. This makes it much more accessible to users in finding the right movie.


One thing that annoys people when they consume multimedia is advertisements. Obviously, who would like their fight sequence from Mission Impossible interrupted by anything? This is where Fmovies is recommended for it has fewer ads than most other similar websites. Additionally, it also has many other extensions the website operates on, such as Fmovies.io, Fmovies.is, etc. These are important in case any of the websites had to be taken down because of copyright infringement.

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Movie4k features some of the biggest and the best collection of movies and TV shows to choose from. They also provide you with multiple links for each of their titles. This ensures that even if one of the links is dead, the movie can be accessed from the others. This Movie4k makes sure that you get to watch your favorite show without any interruptions. Old and new titles can be accessed by the user according to the quality they stream on. The quality is denoted by a smiley next to the links. So, choose the best link for your favorite movie, kick back, relax and let the magic happen.

Xmovies 8

This is one of the most recommended sites in case Rainiertamayo is not cutting it for you. Now, let us be clear on this part: there are going to be ads on this website. However, their selection of movies and the update cycle more than makes up for the ads that impede your enjoyment of the content. The uploads are all in high definition meaning you will not miss a single detail in the movie.


Vumoo is another of the free online streaming sites. It has updated content from across all genres of film and TV series. The user interface on this website makes it amazingly smooth and immersive to interact with. It provides for categorizing and dividing the movies and shows into their respective heading. This makes searching for movies and seeking similar genre movies much easier. The latest uploads are added to the top of the page so that you will never miss any update!

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Yes Movies

This service is very much like Rainiertamayo. It offers free online content consumption for TV series and movies. In fact, Yes Movies lets you choose from various versions so that you can choose between the quality they like. This feature also helps in case any movie is taken down and is unable to be watched. Yes, Movies are also one of the fastest loading pages, making it a definitive contender.


Another website of comparable service to that of Rainiertamayo, Hub movie is one of the quickest websites on the list. It comes with a plethora of selection. The movies and TV shows are curated according to the genres they belong to making it one of the best free streaming sites online. The user interface is friendly and helps the user not get lost in a maze of uncategorized sections. Another of its features lies in the fact that one can even request for a movie that has not been listed to be uploaded to the site.


Putlocker is perhaps one of the most popular free online streaming services next to Rainiertamayo. It is one of the most constant and reliable alternatives that is on this list. The variety of movies and TV shows they have on offer is incredible. You can search for your favorite movie and click on the corresponding link without the fear of it not working. Putlocker ensures that you get the content all the time. They also categorize movies by genres and provide you with default HD streaming quality. The only downside to all of this is that Putlocker does not have the best user interface around which might take away some of the charms from enjoying your multimedia.


In case you are not being able to access streaming sites due to blocks placed by your internet provider, then StreamDor is your answer. This service does not host movies on its own site. Instead, they post the videos to YouTube. Admittedly this is very risky and means that the content could be taken down at any moment. However, to circumvent this they use a blur effect on every upload of theirs so that YouTube does not copyright strike them. The website itself comes with all the good stuff like sorting, categorizing movies into genres, years and countries of origin and language.


This streaming website is one of the newest on the block. Due to this, they have a relatively fewer movie on their database than the competitors featuring on this list. Because of this, the search is limited to movies between 2018 and 2019. However, they do stock up on the best movies of these years. So, if you are on the hunt for movies released in 2018 and 2019, Streamlikers is the platform to choose.


We would like to finish this list with one of our favorites of the lot. Bmovies gives you the best multimedia experience of the rest. The site goes for a minimalist black and blue color palette throughout, including the media screen itself. The navigation panel comes loaded with options with a featured button linking to the top-ranked IMDB movies of all time. The media player itself allows for picture-in-picture mode meaning that you can keep watching the movie even as you browse or do other work at the same time. Now you know why this is our best pick!

So there you have it! The best alternatives to Rainiertomayo. While the first and the most beloved streaming site won’t return, people of the internet ensured that all of us are not left in the lurch.

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