Couchtuner Down? Here Are 5 Best Couchtuner Alternatives

Movies are evergreen option to always keep you entertained. And now with affordable and easily accessible internet, you can watch any movie at the comfort of your home.

There are a number of free movie websites to download and watch movies with which you can entertain yourself without expending on costly multiplex tickets. If your phone supports HD resolution, then you can also enjoy HD Movies and TV Shows at your home or while traveling.

CouchTuner is the widely preferred destination to watch your favorite and missed episodes of TV Shows or Web series. But CoutchTuner is blocked in most of the region’s so we decided to list the best CouchTuner Alternatives. So without any delay go-ahead to continue reading this post find out some of the best CouchTuner Alternatives.



Putlocker, a website that provides users with an endless number of movies, TV shows, and other such entertaining and interesting stuff to watch. It has been a one-stop destination and home to the latest TV series and Movies for quite long.

Putlocker has a huge catalog of movies and TV Shows and therefore has aided its users with the variety of search filters to look for the content they love to watch. The content here is categorized on the basis of language, genre, and on some other grounds as well. The website also displays the IMDb rating of each and every Movie and TV shows, which in turn helps the viewers to get contents of top-notch quality.

It also facilitates viewers to check out the trailers for the latest movies, so that the users get a better idea of whether it is worth watching or not. Thus users can save a lot of time without having the need to visit other websites for the purpose

Another salient feature of Putlocker is that the users get to set the quality of the video. There is as such no standard criteria for the video quality. Although there are certain videos available in HD quality only. For the users who want to watch a video not available in their native language, subtitles are provided. Thus, making this site successful globally and give a worldwide audience to the Movies and TV Series hosted here.


Among all the available websites to watch movies online, Solarmovies is one of the best. The reason being it is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface built for free streaming of movies and TV shows. It has a full-fledged collection of Latest Movies and TV Shows. The website is categorized into two segments – one is paid and the other is free. Paid users of solarmovie site get extra benefits for their subscription whereas the unpaid users get to watch only the available videos and movies.

For a paid user, Solar movies HD quality videos are available to stream and for free service users, the quality remains average. The quality may differ from 720p to 1080p resolution. With a great quantity of variety, solarmovie also provides considerate quality videos. Solarmovies is trying to fix some bugs arising while operating the website. They also tend to introduce teasers for every Movie or TV show that is being streamed on their website. Regular updates of the latest Movies and TV shows are sent to the subscribed users for their better knowledge.

Solarmovie Proxy website lets you watch free movies online without downloading any additional plug-in or add-on. The website contains a huge collection of all the movies and TV shows being aired on famous streaming sites and channels. Some of the movies are provided by during the first week of their theatre release. Videos are categorized on the basis of the year of release, genre, IMDb rating, and origin country.

As soon as the user heads towards the poster of any video, a small information box appears giving away details about the movie or TV show. It informs the user regarding IMDb rating, duration, year of release and a small synopsis of the movie. Not only movies but with solarmovie TV shows can also be watched. Some shows of the premium category are only available to paid subscribers. While many others are available for everyone.


1337x is basically a Torrent website which provides magnet links and torrent files based on the BitTorrent protocol. This website allows users to engage in peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing and access all the content on it, without having to pay for anything. It allows users to download the torrent files and provides access to a wide plethora of movies, TV Shows, Web series, and so on.

Both English and Hindi movies are available to watch here and the amount of content available on it is massive. You can conduct a search for any movie at all and the site will give you access to it. Not only does it have a wide range of content, but it also has content which is dependable and can be trusted. The search engine is quite accurate and even if you type in a keyword, it will show you exactly what you are looking for. The movies are all available in high definition and the best quality.

The interface of 1337x is also quite user-friendly and it even has all major genres and categories of the movie listed right on the homepage itself, thus making it easier to find what you are looking for. If 1337x is blocked in your region then so you can use 1337x mirror websites, but make sure you do this while making use of a VPN.


Primewire is a useful website that allows you to stream videos and T.V Shows online without any need to pay for them. This means that you watch any kinds of movies, TV shows, Web series, or access music, completely free of cost. This site is a perfect solution for all problems you may face when having to subscribe to streaming services provided by other companies, which charge a fee for what they provide. You can access all the content on Primewire without having to set up an account or gain membership or pay a single penny. 

The website offers all TV shows, movies and even music including the latest releases which may not be available elsewhere. The best part is that you can even create playlists of your favorite videos and watch them seamlessly without having to constantly look for them. You can stream all the content on Primewire from your web browser itself or even use a Kodi Box if you wish to.

The website supports itself by making use of ads, the way most of these websites do. But that increases the risk for you because clicking on any link may redirect you to a site that tries to steal your information or tries to infect your computer with a virus. Hence, you must be very careful while browsing the site and avoid clicking on any ads. Otherwise, you can always make use of an ad-blocker or a pop-up blocker to further protect yourself.


EZTV is a website which can be called as a Torrent distributor as it provides magnet links and torrent files for download. The website facilitates peer-to-peer sharing among users who follow the BitTorrent protocol and allows them to share files of all the latest Movies, TV shows and even music and games.

The reason why EZTV is more popular than other torrent sites is that this one is purely a volunteer organization. This means that there are no ads displayed and no money is asked from the users, for using its services. The website can be considered much more clean as compared to many others of the same kind. The aim of creating such a website was to evade the government and other organizations for charging them with piracy and copyright infringement.

All in all, the website may not be the same as it was when it was released but is still performing the same functions and doing a decent enough job. If you decide to visit the website, make sure you have a good VPN service.



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