6 Best Offline Games for iOS That Don’t Need Wi-Fi

Are you waiting for someone? Or maybe you’re just stuck in a commute? Or perhaps just bored with all the free time you have in your hands. Well, mobile games aren’t the privilege of those with unlimited access to data, while the rest of us counting every byte of usage are doomed for a limited mobile experience. 

There are offline games too. Many offline games are designed to have a more in-depth immersion experience compared to the more fast-paced online games. If you’re planning to get any of the mentioned games on the list, buy iTunes Gift Card to purchase apps on the Apple Store

So without further ado, let’s get started with the list! 

Alto’s Adventure

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One of the pioneering games which focuses more on the environmental details of the game, Alto’s Adventure features very casual and relaxed gameplay that anyone can pick up. You play as Alto, a kid with a snowboard, and you perform various combos and collect coins to earn points and complete objectives of each level. 

The only thing you control is the air time, where you determine the jump and the degree as you soar through the air on your snowboard. The environment cycles through different weather and time of the day smoothly, and the accompanying music gives you a sense of relaxation. Remember, only commit to a backflip if you get more air time! 

Don’t forget to check out Alto’s Odyssey as well. It’s an expansion from the original game, which features landscapes and characters. And let’s not forget about the background music. Feel the ethereal music notes as you shred your way through the landscape.

Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is somewhat of a famous game that holds legendary status for different groups. Developed by one man with pixel-art graphics, Stardew Valley is about a character who abandoned their mundane city life to tend to their late grandfather’s farm. 

The game is a farm-life RPG where you harvest material around you and turn them into equipment. You also plant various types of plants and tend to different livestock as you progress through the game. 

The game also features various objectives that are available when you interact with the NPCs of the game. Each NPC has their unique traits, giving the experience of dealing with each of them a unique treat. You also have the option of pursuing romantic and platonic relationships, which offer different rewards. 

Stardew Valley is the reflection of the modern human entrapped in a mundane cycle, and this small game allows players to look outside of their office cubicle for once.

Monument Valley

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There’s something about indie games that just hits differently compared to triple-A games in the market. You can feel that extra layer of care and love encoded into the game. Monument Valley is one of those games. It features a puzzle-solving game that revolves around your character, Ro, in solving puzzles that are in the shape of surreal architecture blocks. In order to progress to what feels like every surrealist painter’s Pinterest board, you’ll have to solve the puzzles by employing different perspectives of the level. Even the music evokes a sense of serenity with its soft and gentle melodies.

Monument Valley is succeeded by Monument Valley 2, which features similar gameplay with refined puzzles, although it introduces Ro’s child. Both mother and child will have to work together to solve the isometric puzzles. The journey in part 2 of the series seems to be an entirely different one. 

The only way to find out is to play both games if you enjoy an immersive and interactive puzzle game. 


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There seems to be a fascinating combination of different elements that produce great content in recent times. Add an 80s theme music, a supernatural phenomenon, and a ragtag group of teenagers, and boom! You got yourself another great show/movie or, in this case, a great game. 

Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller where a group of teens unwittingly opened a ghostly rift. You know where this is going. The game is driven primarily by the decision you make along the way, which will heavily influence how other characters will act in the future. Traverse through mysterious abandoned offices and caves. Unravel the mystery further. Trust no one.

The game has a great 80s undertone to it from the music and game aesthetics. If you enjoy story-rich games and shows such as Stranger Things or It, then Oxenfree will definitely keep you occupied. 

Civilization VI


If you’re looking for something more than a casual experience that doesn’t take too much brainpower, then Civilization VI is the game for you. Hailing from the famous Civilization that started on PC, Civilization VI is a great RTS game that engages with your strategist’s mind. Each action you take will push you forward to your civilization’s accelerated progress, but it also forces you towards conflict with other territories controlled by AI players. Decide on who to ally with and who to dispose of. 

Civilization VI features real historical figures, as well as historical points of interest. It also features an online and LAN experience, although the offline campaign experience is rewarding in itself. 

Dead Cells

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Maybe slow-paced games ain’t your thing. You find solace and inner peace through fast-paced action games. Then perhaps Dead Cells could be just the right game for you. It features rogue-like gameplay where you play as a sentient failed alchemist experiment that traverses dungeons and plains and kills anything that moves. Here’s the kicker. There are no checkpoints. If you die, you repeat from the start. 

The game features cool movesets and new abilities that you can use alongside new weapons as you progress through the game. It also employs a simple premise which you can use as a mantra as you’re on your 15th death round.

Kill, die, learn, repeat. 

And there you have it—offline games to get on your Apple device to kill some time. You’d be surprised to find the long list of different game genres you can play on your device today. What did you think about the games on our list? Did we miss out? Let us know in the comments! 



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