10 Games Like Second Life to Play in 2022

Playing virtual games is a great way to pass time especially during this pandemic situation when meeting in real life is so restrained. Just like any other virtual game, this will allow you to have a virtual life and also meet some new friends on the way. It is suitable for people who are 16 or older.

One thing that people benefit the most out of this game is by collecting Linden Dollars that the players acquire by selling things in this virtual world. It helps you in ultimately collecting real-life dolls. The whole content of this game is based on how social you are and your interactions with other people while doing other activities.

Since this game is loved by several people, we are listing 15 games that are a lot like a second life.

1. Smeet

games like Second Life

It is an amazing virtual world wherein you meet new people virtually and make a virtual life of your own. With great 3D graphics, it has been an attraction to several gamers since 2007. Also, it supports multiple languages that makes it even better.

Gamers just need to create an account that helps them meet people with similar interests. There are several games to play and people to chat with within this virtual world.


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2. Kaneva

online games like Second Life

This game gives you the company of at least one person every time so you are not alone in the virtual world. it started in 2004 and has gained a bunch of loyal players worldwide.

To start the game, all you need to do is set up your 3D avatar and get started. The interface is easy to understand and you can decorate, access the communities, and even connect with people.


3. Oz World

Online Virtual Games Like IMVU

Loaded with beautiful landscapes, this game is an amazing virtual world wherein you can easily interact with people and even build meaningful relationships with them in the game.

The players need to set up Oz world’s client and select an avatar to get started. They’ll be able to access the basic areas at first and then can go on to explore different worlds present. You can shop by earning money, participate in various activities, and also make friends along the way.


4. InWorldzgames like second life no download


This game is one of the best alternatives to second life. There are several social gatherings and different interactions that the players will enjoy in the virtual world.

Set your avatar, customize it according to your preferences and you are ready to meet people playing the game around the world. You can also just explore different areas instead of meeting new people. You can even purchase land be it private or mainland region if you want to own property in the game.


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5. GoJiyo

games like second life 2021

With various social interactions, beautiful graphics, and amazing towns, this game is quite a great alternative to second life. All you need to do to get started is to select an avatar so that you can go on to explore places and meet people.

There are several tasks to perform, so you don’t get bored while playing this game. You can see vintage towns, modern & underwater cities, all while talking to people playing along with you.


6. Twinity

You can easily visit a number of the biggest cities in the world while playing this game. It has 3D graphics to make it feel real to you and lets you visit places be it corporate or natural. You can either spend a day near a beach or party with people, it is all on you.

Start the game by creating your avatar, also known as twinizen. You can also upload your picture and cartoonize it for your avatar. Then you can start to build deep relationships and have meaningful conversations with people around you.


7. SocioTown

As the name suggests, you get to socialize with people in virtual towns. People above the age of 13 years can play this game and meet & greet people online.

There are several missions and activities that you can do, ranging from basic to an advanced level for you. As you go on completing missions, you’ll achieve more rewards and also access to other locked areas. The activities include shopping, fishing, riding, sailing, bugs catching, etc.



This app is easy to install and is meant to be used for conversations and building meaningful relationships. Loaded with various lands to explore and people to meet with, this is a great virtual game for people looking for some virtual friendships.

You need to create a 3D avatar, after which you can customize it and move forward. The players meet people based on the lands they have explored. You can befriend the other players by sending them a friend request. It looks real and is fun to engage in.


9. Chit Chat City

You can customize your avatar the way you want. In addition to that, you can also decorate your building, call your neighbors, and have social gatherings. You can even have a pet if you want.

You can also create 3D items by using drawing canvas and even sell them in the virtual shops present. It also lets you feel things that are under your control such as your avatar, pet, house, items that you create, etc. There are other activities too that you can enjoy namely zombies hunting, fishing, gardening, and other contests too.


10. Avakin Life

There’s a huge opportunity to have a big social community on this virtual platform. It can be played on both Android as well as iOS smartphones or browser if you like.

Once you have customized your avatar in which you can select gender, skin color, hair color, eyebrows, etc., you start the game in an apartment. You can also buy additional space and decorate the area.



These are a few of the most interesting games that are a great alternative to second life. You can have a virtual world of your own and design it according to your preferences. These are also great platforms to meet new people virtually and make good friendships with them. So get started and tell us which one is your favorite.

Deepa enjoys reading fantasy novels to escape the mundanities of everyday life. On other days, she likes to keep herself updated about the latest technological trends.



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