The 9 Best Sports Blogs You Need to Follow

Sports fans like to keep up to date with news about their favorite team and the latest developments in their favorite sport. Sports blogs are indispensable helpers in this. In this article, you will read about the best of them, according to

The 9 Best Sports Blogs

This blog collects all of the most popular rumors, gossip, opinions, interviews and jokes from around the Internet. The material is mostly about the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and other North American sports associations. YardBarker was founded in 2006 and has managed to become one of the most popular sports websites during its existence.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a group of TV channels that broadcast live all sports events. It includes 10 channels, each dedicated to a particular sport – soccer, cricket, golf, tennis and others.

On the Sky Sports website, live video broadcasts are available to paid subscribers. However, it offers a large number of videos, news, articles and other content on a wide variety of sports for free. There are even podcasts and a pub search service where you can watch Sky Sports in the UK.

Sporting News

It is an American sports magazine founded in 1886. In its early days, it was known as the Bible of baseball because it wrote so much about the sport. In 2008, an online version was launched, which has evolved into a blog covering most sports: soccer, basketball, track and field, boxing, tennis, mixed martial arts, hockey, golf and many others.

Here you can find the latest news, interviews with players and coaches, standings, videos and other interesting content.


One of the world’s leading sports websites. It covers sports news in real time, broadcasts games online, publishes news, comments and analytics.

Yahoo! Sports

This blog covers all the most popular sports and also focuses on fantasy leagues. Here you can find sports articles, reports, opinion polls and even predictions for soccer, hockey, American football and other sports.

Here you can read the latest news of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and other world sports leagues. The site has videos, a schedule of major sporting events, articles, match reviews and much more. Also, you can download theScore app.


The largest platform dedicated to soccer. Here you will find everything that can be of interest to a fan. These are news from the main soccer leagues, information about the latest transfers, ratings, fans’ opinions and other various content. Unlike most other similar sites, 90min writes a lot and in detail about women’s soccer.

Bleacher Report

This site was launched in 2008. It covers all popular world events, focusing on the NFL, NBA, CFB, world soccer, MLB and NHL. It features news, fan opinions, highlights, interviews, and live sports coverage. You can even find materials about video games and betting. All the content of the platform is also available in the mobile app.

The Athletic

This site, which has an app with a similar name, is subscription-based. Subscribers get access to the latest information on soccer, basketball, American soccer, baseball, and hockey. The content on the site is very diverse. On The Athletic, you will find analytics, stories, exclusive content, podcasts, videos and various interactives. 


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