11 Best SMS Blocking Apps for Android

No one likes to receive any unwanted calls or messages on their phones. Especially the spam and promotional messages from various websites that you have no use for. It only clutters the message box and adds nothing of value to it.

So how to get rid of it? By deleting? Well, we have an easier way of ensuring that these unwanted messages don’t even reach your inbox. You can install an SMS blocking app that will prevent these messages if you have blocked them.

In this article, we will discuss the 11 best android apps for SMS blocking that will help you in getting rid of spam messages once and for all.

1. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

SMS Blocking Apps

This app helps you in blocking calls and messages from any number that you have blocked. You won’t even get to know whether they have called as the call is blocked immediately when they try to reach you.

It allows you to block hidden & unknown numbers, group of numbers by first few digits etc. It creates two lists wherein black list contains blocked numbers and white list contains the unblocked ones.


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2. Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager

Root call SMS manager has made it easy for people with two sim cards to block numbers. It allows them to make two lists i.e., black and white for different sim card separately.

It also helps in easily blocking group of numbers, locking & unlocking of incoming calls, blocks SMS by both numbers and allows you to set individual lock parameters for for blacklisted numbers. However, this app works best when you pay for it as the free version has some limitations.


3. Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

Made for android phones, this app helps in easily blocking all calls and SMS from numbers you find undesirable. It has a blacklist settings wherein you can deny calls from listed, unfamiliar or several numbers.

It also allows you to create a backup copy of your contacts, which can come in handy when you are changing phone or it gets lost. The safe driving option automatically rejects all calls when you are driving beyond a certain speed limit.


4. Postman – Spam Blocker

SMS Blocking App for Android

Users will have to create a trust list in this app and after that it’ll block SMS from numbers that aren’t in that list. You can set a low or high level of protection in which the former level is your basic one while the latter blocks SMS from all unknown numbers.

The annoying part about this app is that there are advertisements here, so you’ll have to deal with it. Also, since only the people in the trust list can message you, if someone you know changes number, even their message will be sent to spam.


5. Key Messages

 sms blocking apps

All those unimportant and useless SMS can be easily blocked with the help of this application. It has easy to use interface so that the users have no issues in figuring how to work it out.

It blocks unfamiliar numbers, spam and anything else that you wish to completely ban from receiving. It makes use of blacklist and whitelist to prioritize the numbers you wish to ban and never block. It helps in reducing unnecessary cluttering of your phone.


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6. AntiNuisance

 sms blocker for android

Just like the name suggests, this app will help you in getting rid of any kind of nuisance that you don’t want on your phone, be it calls or SMS from unknown numbers, spammers, robots etc.

The users will have to add the numbers to blacklist and it’ll be blocked. It also allows you to remain undisturbed during night time as you can prohibit receiving any text or calls for a certain time duration during the day.


7. Call Control – SMS/Call Blocker

SMS/Call Blocker for android

Not only does this app block people on your blacklist but also allows you to block a certain community of people such as telemarketers, spammers, etc, with ease. You can also block incoming calls and text messages with ease.

It is used by more than 5 million people and has an easy-to-understand interface, so even people using it for the first time can use it without any problem.


8. Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker

Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker

This app helps its users in automatically removing spam and also helps you in having complete control over what you want to receive on your phone. Be it calls or messages, you can easily block anyone whom you feel is unwanted by you.

Apart from blocking contacts, it also backs them up. This helps if you have lost your phone or changed it, as you’ll always have that list from which you wish to avoid calls and messages.


9. Block Calls & Block SMS

Block Calls & Block SMS

You can rely on this app to block calls and SMS from undesirable people. It also filters the private and hidden numbers you have on your phone. If you don’t wish to receive notifications, you can even disable that for blocked numbers.

It also keeps log of calls on your phones, so you can check who has called. It can easily block incoming SMS and calls too.


10. Calls Blacklist – Call & SMS Blocker

Calls/SMS Blacklist

There are two call lists namely blacklist and whitelist in this app that help in blocking unwanted people and allowing people to reach you, respectively. You can easily block your contacts, unknown number, and even private numbers via this app.

The SMS from telemarketers, robot operators, different advertisers that unnecessarily clutter our inbox need not do so anymore as you can block all of them with ease.


11.Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

This is one of the best call/SMS blocker applications for android users. It blocks calls and SMS automatically once you have entered the number in your blacklist.

Also, it is easy to use and understand by the users so you don’t have to spend a lot of time decoding this app. It keeps a record of rejected numbers too, in case you need them later.



These were a few of the most used and reliable apps for blocking unwanted people from your phone. They help in keeping the phone clean and free of anything that you don’t wish to receive. Do let us know about your experience with these apps once you have tried them out.

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