10 Best App Killers to Stop Unwanted Apps (Save Battery)

The most important aspect a person sees before purchasing a phone is its battery life. The phone is an important part of our everyday life and we need something that can keep up with our busy life. However, no matter how great a smartphone’s battery life appears on the outside, it still dies if used extensively.

To maximize battery life, you can kill the background apps in use. Whether the app you are using is active or not, if it is running in the background, it’ll use the battery. So, to improve the performance of your phone as well as its battery, here are the best app killers for android:

1. Greenify

Best App Killers for Android 1

This has been touted as one of the best task killers for android. It easily identifies those apps that drain your phone’s battery and limits their running time in the background. This way, it isn’t killing the apps and also helps in saving the battery. The app is put on a hibernation-like state which also helps in smooth performance. This is a great choice for those who use low-end devices.


2. KillApps

Best App Killers for Android 2

This is an easy-to-use app killer for android users. It will immediately close all your apps with a single tap. You can also permanently disable any app from running in the background to save battery life and improve the performance of your phone. It also supports third-party and system apps.

Many apps such as the google play store reduce battery life considerably, so this app is a great choice to restrict them. This app also offers the option of having a custom list where you can select apps and have different rules to restrict them as per your convenience.


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3. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Best App Killers for Android 3

Meant especially for improving battery life, this app easily kills unnecessary apps running in the background on Android devices. You can whitelist the apps you don’t want to restrict or kill in this app’s scanner list. You can also easily check the apps that are heavy on your phone’s battery and block them.

This app also gives out notification in case any other app is acting out and suggests if it should be killed or not. It has a widget that makes it easy to use with just a simple tap.


4. App Killer and Manager

Best App Killers for Android 4

If you want an intuitive app that will effectively improve your phone’s battery life and performance by closing the apps that you don’t need, this one is for you. It is easy to use as with one tap you can close the applications you don’t want running. Also, its memory cleaner clears out everything that is hogging space from your phone.

This app provides detailed information about third-party apps too, so you will know which app to uninstall. You can also whitelist the apps you don’t want to be restricted by this android killer.


5. Naptime

Best App Killers for Android 5

As the name suggests, this app has a built-in doze feature that works immediately after your phone’s screen is turned off and stops working once your display is on. It needs you to give root access to work efficiently but if you don’t want to do that, then you can grant this app dump permission.

This app is for those people who know more than just the basic phone functions as its running can be a bit complicated. However, it has amazing features that make it worth the time.


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6. Task killer

Task killer

This android app killer will take care of all the unnecessary apps running in the background so that your phone gives its best performance. If you don’t want to kill all the random apps running, you can select the ones and close them with one click.

You can also add apps to the ignore list of this app in case you wish to keep them running. This app also shows information about all your running apps so you know which app is taking the most space, using the most battery, etc.


7. Advanced task manager

Best App Killers for Android 7

This app helps in optimum utilization of the phone by maximizing its performance. It helps in doing so by killing unnecessary tasks, reminding the user about CPU lagging, shows battery usage, and is also supported on all android versions.

This app is easy to use and properly manages all your tasks i.e., different apps available and running on your phone.


8. Castro


This is not your usual android app killer. Instead, it gives you proper information regarding all the apps that consume battery, processor statistics, WiFi details, etc., so that you know what is eating up your phone. You can use that information to kill the apps by yourself.

This app doesn’t kill the app, rather helps you in identifying the apps that you might not need and which you can close manually.


9. Skit


This is one intuitive apps manager that you can easily use to improve your phone’s performance. It provides detailed information about different apps and how much memory it is using. This way, you can decide on the app that you don’t need anymore.

The ones who subscribe for the premium version will be able to access several others feature such as detailed statistics of all apps, deletion of different apps, etc. This app has made it easy for people to manage apps.


10. SystemPanel2

Best App Killers for Android 10

If you want to know everything that’s going on your device, this is the app for you. It provides an easy graphical format for the users to understand the ongoings of their system and helps them optimize its performance.

It shows several things such as active apps, record app battery, analyzing battery consumption, manages the apps so that the user can decide on the apps they need to uninstall or close in the background. This tool has been of great use to people who use low-end phones.



These were few android app killers that have been loved by users. It is important to use devices in an optimum manner and these apps help in doing so. Choose the one that suits your needs the most and let us know how your experience was.

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