15 Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares/Apps (2023)

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity at a rapid pace. To get the most mining potential out of your hardware, it is essential to choose from the best bitcoin mining software available. The main job of the software is to connect the mining rig to the cryptocurrency network and provide real-time statistics to the user.

Nowadays, more and more businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin can also be purchased with real money, but mining is a great way to generate new currency for blockchain, which in turn helps increase the value of a cryptocurrency. If you are new to the concept of cryptocurrencies and plan on starting mining, read on to find out about the 15 best bitcoin mining softwares currently available.

How Bitcoin Mining Softwares Work

bitcoin mining softwares

Before trying to understand the working of bitcoin mining softwares, take a look at these terms that form the basics of cryptocurrencies.

  • Blockchain

Blockchain can be explained as a record of transactions and events that are distributed throughout the network of individuals connected to the entire cryptocurrency network.

  • Hashing/Hash Rate

Hashing is described as the process of transforming a key or string of characters into integer values. In regards to cryptocurrency mining, the hash rate defines the speed and accuracy of the process and gives an idea of the computational power of the mining machine.

Efficient bitcoin mining is only possible when you have the right combination of mining hardware and software. The bitcoin mining software connects the miner to the blockchain exchanges the work done by your hardware to reward you with digital currency.

Bitcoin mining is a competitive industry and good bitcoin mining softwares are absolutely essential to reap profits. Take a look at this comprehensive list of the 15 best mining softwares put together after thorough research on the internet.

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15 Best Bitcoin Mining Softwares for Windows & Mac


cgminer: bitcoin mining software for windows 10

CGMiner is one of the oldest and most reliable softwares for mining bitcoin. This is considered by many enthusiasts to be the best bitcoin mining software available. It is compatible with various bitcoin mining hardware and some of its features include a command-line interface, remote connection feature, automatic hash rate management, and much more. It supports Mac, Windows, and Linux.


  • Reliable performance
  • Hash rate scaling without delays
  • A huge community for support.
  • Fan speed control system


  • Not beginner-friendly



BFGMiner: bitcoin mining software for laptop

If you need a mining software that supports mining multiple currencies at the same time, then there’s no better option than BFGMiner. It features modular functionality, remote monitoring and interfacing, device temperature monitoring, and much more. BFGMiner provides support for Mac, Windows, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi.


  • Works with multiple cryptocurrency engines
  • Support for dynamic clocking
  • Supports all major operating systems
  • Customizable hotkeys


  • Lacks a GUI, which makes it more complex for newcomers.


Awesome Miner

Best mining software for Ethereum

If you own multiple mining rigs, Awesome Miner is a great choice for you. It supports many different mining algorithms and has many different options for managing mining pools. Some of its features include a comprehensive dashboard, a built-in script engine for custom actions, and a web front-end that can be used remotely. It supports Windows and Linux.


  • Support for industry-leading mining engines
  • Quick recovery through centralized management
  • Offers web front-end for remote viewing
  • Intuitive dashboard


  • No support for macOS

DownloadAwesome Miner



EasyMiner provides a simple and elegant solution for less tech-oriented people who wish to start mining. It features a graphical user interface and provides features like real-time analytics and statistics, custom hash algorithms, and supports both bitcoin and litecoin. It only supports Windows and does not have cross-platform capabilities.


  • Works with Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Real-Time statistics in GUI
  • NHIL protocol for extra security
  • Chat features for connecting with experienced miners.


  • Detected as false-positive malware by a few antivirus programs.




DiabloMiner provides great functionality for both solo miners and pool miners. It is meant to be used by experienced miners and offers a command-line interface. DiabloMiner works using OpenCL and supports both Nvidia and AMD GPU’s. It is designed for intensive GPU mining and supports all operating systems that have a command-line interface.


  • Highly efficient
  • Supports all major operating systems
  • Flexible adjustment options


  • Difficult to use for beginners



Btcminer: Cloud-Based mining software

If you require an automated cloud-based bitcoin mining software, BTCminer is the obvious choice. To get started, you just need a bitcoin wallet, a stable internet connection and basic mining equipment. BTCminer comes with a lot of useful features like automatic frequency selection, power-saving mode, support for Bitstream and much more. It supports all the major operating systems, including Android.

  • Cloud-Based
  • Cross-platform
  • Support for dynamic frequency switching
  • Ready to use Bitstream


  • Single account per IP address




BitMinter is designed to be a GUI for CGMiner and BFGMiner. Its features are similar to the CLI’s, but it has the added benefit of having a well-designed GUI and also supports a wide variety of mining hardware. It works with Windows, macOS, Linux, and all other major operating systems.


  • GUI-based
  • Works with many operating systems
  • Works with GPU’s
  • Easy to use


  • Support for only BitMinter mining pool

Download – BitMinter

NiceHash Miner

nicehash - Best mining software for macOS

If you need a bitcoin miner with a modern UI and easy-to-use functions, NiceHash Miner is a great choice. It has a sleek dashboard with live profit tracking, temperature control, fan speed, and other intuitive controls. It includes a profitability calculator, instant notifications, and support for many different algorithms.


  • Good hardware support
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Profit prediction features
  • Modern UI


  • Automatic conversion of mined coins

DownloadNiceHash Miner

Cudo Miner

cudo miner

Cudo Miner is a feature-rich bitcoin miner that supports many different algorithms and has some features that are not present on other bitcoin mining apps. Its features include a remote interface, hash rate display, hardware monitoring systems, and support for different variety of cryptocurrencies.


  • Customizable algorithms
  • Remote Access from any device
  • Supports CPU/GPU mining
  • Feature-rich web console


  • Lack of good customer service

DownloadCudo Miner

Ufasoft Miner

ufasoft miner

Ufasoft Miner is a great bitcoin miner that supports GUI and a lot of different cryptocurrencies. It uses the GPU present in the mining rig to provide efficient hash rates. The program offers a separate command-line interface to allow for fine-tuning the algorithms, changing the temperature and fan speeds, and switching between different mining pools.


  • Supports all GPU’s for wider compatibility.
  • Can mine from multiple pools at once
  • Custom Hot-key support
  • Allows fine-tuning fan speeds and temperatures.


  • Does not utilize the full potential of high-power mining rigs

DownloadUfasoft Miner

Genesis Mining

If you are looking for a simple GUI based bitcoin mining program, then Genesis Mining provides all the features for the same. It allows bitcoin mining on a wide variety of devices and supports both solo mining and pool mining. Its features include displaying production statistics, auto-configuration, pre-configured popular mining pools and much more.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Predefined support for popular mining pools
  • Supports both solo and pool mining
  • Provides in-depth statistics


  • Lacks reliable customer support

DownloadGenesis Mining

RPC Miner

RPC Miner provides efficient bitcoin mining through a command-line interface. It has great in-depth customization and supports all mining graphics cards. Its features include customizable pool address, equipment tuning, production capacity management and much more. It also supports all the major operating systems.


  • The console user interface provides great flexibility.
  • Designed specifically for Bitcoin
  • Good in-built algorithms allow for lower temperatures on mining rigs
  • Utilizes GPU power very efficiently


  • Can be intimidating to beginners.

DownloadRPC Miner

Claymore’s Dual Miner

Claymore’s Dual Miner provides a robust GUI and offer easy to use functions for beginners. It supports both CPU and GPU mining and features GPU freeze fail-safes, support for many lesser-known coins, and double mining for greater profits.


  • Supports both Nvidia and AMD GPU’s
  • Simple but robust UI
  • Automatic GPU freeze checks
  • Optimized OpenCL code


  • Low hash rates when mining a second currency simultaneously.

DownloadClaymore’s Dual Miner

Hive OS

Hive OS provides an all-in-one bitcoin mining system combined with a well-designed UI. It is quite easy for beginners to set up their mining systems with this program and some of its best features include integrated VPN support, GPU temperature limiter, remote access via SSH, and real-time statistics for different algorithms.


  • Integrated GPU temperature limiter for more efficiency
  • Easy to add different cryptocurrency wallets
  • Provides multi-user access
  • Integrated VPN support


  • Limit of three simultaneous cryptocurrencies while mining on a pool

DownloadHive OS


Minergate combines cloud bitcoin mining services with both solo and pool mining. Its intuitive user interface is simple and beginner-friendly. It supports most types of mining rigs and algorithms. Its features include support for 14 different cryptocurrencies, sleek UI, built-in cryptocurrency converter, and a lot of other features similar to the other programs on this list.


  • User-friendly UI
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Support for latest cryptocurrencies
  • Integrated cryptocurrency converter


  • Requires a lot of personal data for initial setup.



Bitcoin mining is a great way of earning profits on the side and reliable bitcoin mining softwares are essential when you are first starting out with cryptocurrencies. The software connects your mining rig to the pool or the cloud and allows you to exchange currencies with other users. The list of the 15 best Bitcoin mining softwares compiled above will surely help you choose the program best suited to your needs.

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