How to Transfer Old PUBG Mobile Skins to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India, made by Krafton was released on June 17 for beta testing in the Google Play store. This much-awaited title is a successor of PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India earlier. The game is available for download to users who have pre-registered it on the Google Play store.

For users who haven’t registered for the game before, you’ll have to wait until the game is out of beta testing. According to many reports, the full version should be released to everyone pretty soon. Some players have asked if it would be possible to import their old PUBG Mobile account with all their items and progress to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Thankfully, Krafton has added official support for the same. Here is the process that you need to follow for transferring your old PUBG account without any issues.

Transfer Your Old PUBG Mobile Account to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Things to keep in mind before transferring your account from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • The data transfer is only possible if your previous account is either linked with Facebook or Twitter. Although, we have listed another technique if you forgot to link your accounts to social media or if you only connected your game with Google Play Games.
  • Once you have linked your previous account to BGMI, you will get back all of your progress and the items in your inventory. Although, some players report that their old custom layouts and sensitivity options don’t get copied to the new game.
  • It will be impossible to migrate your PUBG mobile to BGMI after December 31, 2021.

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Methods of Transferring PUBG Mobile Account to Battlegrounds Mobile India

There are two ways of transferring your PUBG Mobile account to BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). The first method should be used if you have already linked your account to Facebook or Twitter before the ban. The second method tells you how to link your previous account if you haven’t done so yet and then, import the account to BGMI.

If Your PUBG Account is Already Linked to Facebook or Twitter

In case you already linked your previous account with your social media account on either Facebook or Twitter, then you’re in luck. It is very simple to connect your previous account on PUBG to BGMI. Follow these instructions to get started with the new game right away.

  • The first step is to make a new Battlegrounds Mobile India account. You get the options on the initial login page to connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Once you select the social media to account that you linked with PUBG mobile, the game should automatically log you in.

login screen

  • Next, you will need to go through with the character customization just like when you first created your PUBG account. This might look like setting up a new account but don’t worry as you will get your data back after just a few steps.

bgmi initial charact cDfNm

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India has an in-built account transfer option. Once you have set up your new account and created a character, you should get a pop-up that asks if you reside in India. Select yes, and you should get an option for “Account data transfer”. Choose yes again, and you should be able to continue.

yes continue

  • Now, the message will warn you about a few things related to the account transfer. Once you transfer your PUBG Mobile data to Battleground Mobile India, you won’t be able to access your account in the older game. Once you consent to this, you will be able to continue with the next step.


  • The game will now ask you to choose the account that you had linked with PUBG Mobile. Select your desired account, and you should be able to continue normally by signing in to your social media.

facebook twitter opt TSI3N

  • Now, you will get the final confirmation screen. The process will be complete after you select “yes”. Once you’re done, you can start playing your favourite game once again, albeit with a different name.

final yes jph

  • In case you missed the account transfer pop-up when opening BGMI for the first time, you can get the same dialog in the settings menu.  then go to the account transfer option, and then follow the same process listed above.

successful transfer

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If Your PUBG Account is NOT Linked to Facebook or Twitter

It is possible that you may have linked your account in PUBG Mobile to either Google Play Games or your email. Normally, it is not possible to migrate your previous account to BGMI if you didn’t link your account to Facebook or Twitter. But, there’s a simple way to bypass this restriction. We have listed the steps you need to take to transfer your account to BGMI.


  1. First, you need to download any free VPN from the Google Play Store. Open the VPN app of your choice and select any country in the VPN other than India. The VPN helps you to spoof your location. This is important as you need to download and run PUBG Mobile in the next few steps.
  2. Now, you need to download the official PUBG Mobile for your device. Once you have installed it, make sure you’re connected to the VPN, and start the game.
  3. Once you have successfully booted up the game, log in using your original sign-in method (Email or Google Play Games). Next, go to the settings menu, and connect either your Facebook or Twitter account with PUBG Mobile.
  4. Now, you can uninstall PUBG Mobile from your device. The rest of the process is the same as the previous method to link your account to Battlegrounds Mobile India.


The process of transferring your PUBG Mobile account to BGMI is quite simple, thanks to Krafton. The company has included official support to get your progress back from the previous game. The instructions provided above should help you to migrate your account to BGMI in a few simple steps. Even though the game comes with a different name, it provides a similar experience to its banned counterpart in India.

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