Best 9 Translation Apps To Use In Your Next Travel

We all know well that being able to point our camera at some sign or a restaurant menu and have it translated right away helps a great deal as we travel. Still, you can even go further and get ready for your journey language-wise by downloading one of the free language learning apps that will help you to feel at home with the locals as you share a smile and say something in a foreign language. It always works wonders and makes people appreciate you differently as they see that you are making the first step! 

Top 9 Translation Apps That Are Essential For Travel 


It is free and lets you talk to foreigners from over 130 countries via audio, video, or text. Just teach each other, have fun, and make new friends. This is a great way to practice the language with a real native speaker, learn some peculiarities of the culture, get to know how to pronounce the words correctly. 


One of the most downloaded translation apps this day that supports over 100 languages and includes phrasebooks and translations. It is $5.99 per month for the PRO version. It also has camera translation and offline language packs. However, when you need to translate an official document, it is much safer to translate your documents for traveling with a human translator’s help. 

Google Translate

It supports over 108 languages online and 59 languages offline. The app can even handle your handwritten text! Google Translate also lets you point your camera at restaurant menus and translate speech in 43 languages, both spoken and typed. Still, if you want to translate a rental agreement, it is much safer to approach the best online translation company with a certified specialist. It will guarantee the legal power of the final translation. 


It is a great app that will include a voice translator, an image translator, a selection of phrases, a special phone dialer system, and a list of tips and recommendations to help you accommodate and learn about the country. TripLingo supports over 100 different countries with various dialects and special phrases. It is $19.99 per month. 


It is an app that supports over 90 languages and dialects by letting you simply record your voice to have it translated. It is also free! Remember that if you are talking to a bank clerk or want to translate something important, this app might not provide 100% accuracy. Approach The Word Point translation services instead and have your text and requirements translated the right way. Language experts work with 50+ languages and are ready to handle even the most complicated projects.


If you plan to travel somewhere in Asia, it is the best solution! Korean? Check! Japanese and Chinese? Check again! It also supports Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai. If you need Russian, German, Italian, or Spanish, it is also there! It lets two people talk into the app at the same time and have things translated. It includes a dictionary and a phrasebook. Papago also has a kid-friendly version. 

Microsoft Translator

An ideal app for business travelers because of the next feature: it allows you to connect up to 100 devices and let everyone involved talk or read the translations. It is good for conferences, negotiations, or foreign language lecturers.  


A small, handy app that can work entirely offline. An ideal choice for Asian languages. It also has an instant camera translation and has 10 free translations in the basic version. 

Speak and Translate

A unique translation app that supports over 117 languages for text and 54 languages for voice translation. It is only $6.99 per month! 

The Safety Alert

Remember that even as you get along with the local people abroad, you should be careful with signing anything or visiting remote locations that you do not know well. You can always refuse an offer politely by saying that you have an important doctor’s appointment or a meeting that you cannot miss.

Always keep your health insurance information along with you and avoid carrying cash if possible. Learn the basic safety rules and keep attentive no matter what! 


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