Do You Need VPN for Online Shopping?

People use the Internet for a wide range of activities these days. They may range from browsing to gaming, shopping, and more. Online shopping is prominent among them, which happens on eCommerce websites every day and draws sizable traffic. Most online shoppers prefer an HTTPS encrypted website to overcome security risks. 

Despite offering privacy protection to users’ payment information, they may not be safe. As such, you may run the risk of losing the privacy of your payment details or banking information. Using Urban VPN or a similar VPN with comprehensive security features can help you overcome these risks.

Now that you know that VPN is a must for online shopping, you might want to know about it in detail. This post will shed light on VPN, its benefits for online shopping, and the key considerations to choosing the best VPN for shopping.

What Is A VPN?


A VPN transforms a public internet connection into a private network to protect the anonymity and privacy of the data of devices connected to it. It stands for Virtual Private Network.

Hackers do their best and employ sophisticated techniques to track the data of shoppers. They utilize the information to retrieve credit card details and banking information. Worse, hackers may even snoop on the data of users or launch cyberattacks.

A VPN masks the IP address and other details of devices by rerouting data from it through alternative servers. This way, it also helps bypass geo-restrictions. You can enjoy watching your favorite shows on Netflix and other such platforms. Also, you can unblock websites that are restricted in specific locations due to geo-restrictions by using a VPN. 

A VPN has several benefits, including shopping. Read on to find out how a VPN can help you remain anonymous and protect your user data while shopping online.

Benefits Of VPN For Online Shopping

To begin with, the benefits of VPNs range from online shopping to banking. Most people go to online shopping sites under the impression that they are safe. Why not? After all, they choose HTTPS-encrypted sites. In general, such sites protect their payment information, banking, and card details.

While it may be valid to a large extent, hackers have also become sophisticated these days. Their sophisticated technology makes it difficult for online shopping sites to safeguard customers’ payment-related data or information.

One example of the sophistication of their techniques is a phishing site. Such websites resemble the original sites. If you wish to shop for a product from Amazon, you may end up on a phishing site that may look like its website. You can think of the same in the case of PayPal or eBay.

VPN doesn’t reveal the actual IP address of your device. Instead, it shows the IP address of a remote server that reroutes the data from your device to the intended server.

Apart from keeping the confidentiality of your payment information, masking the IP address of your device also lets you bypass geo-restrictions. Based on this feature of VPN, you can avail lucrative shopping deals.

When Is VPN Beneficial For Online Shopping?

If you have a liking for online shopping, you must know when you should use VPN. Usually, you might want to use a VPN in the following situations:

  • When you move to another location from your home location
  • When you access the Internet by connecting to a public Wi-Fi network
  • When you visit an online shopping site for the first time

Factors To Consider While Choosing A VPN For Online Shopping

Not all VPNs have the same set of features. Generally, they vary from one another in terms of the attributes they offer to users. If you wish to get the best experience using a VPN, you must know how to choose the right VPN.

Bearing the following criteria in mind while choosing a VPN will help you make an informed choice:

  • Device accessibility
  • The number of servers
  • The availability of free trial to try out its features before signing up for it
  • Security

For the best VPN experience, think about using one of the best VPNs in 2021 based on the above features.


From the above, it becomes crystal clear that you cannot rely solely on the security features of shopping websites. Despite being equipped with sophisticated encryption technology, they may not offer an absolute solution to keep your banking and other payment information confidential.

In this regard, being safe is better than being sorry. So, consider using a VPN with the above features for a secure and invaluable shopping experience.



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