World Cricket Championship 2 Beginner’s Guide Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a World-Class Cricketer

Cricket is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated games across the world. Particularly in India, there is some madness related to this fantastic game. Indians worship cricket and cricketers. Cricket enthusiasts are making the most of their pandemic days through online games and fantasy cricket. 

One of the most famous cricket games with a tremendous following in the virtual world is the World Cricket Championship 2. Given its fantastic gameplay and solid graphics, it has managed to win the hearts of thousands of cricket fanatics.

In this blog, we will share some tips, hacks, and cheats to become a world-class cricketer. 

World Cricket Championship 2 offers a wide variety of challenges. Realistic and sensational – these two adjectives work fine for the game. Don’t believe us? Download now and start playing to experience the thrill yourself!

The graphics of the game are excellent, which makes it a little heavier in size. Developers keep coming out with new updates as per user demands and bug reports.

The best part being the game’s difficulty curve that increases as you proceed to higher levels. Here are some easy tips for you. 

World Cricket Championship 2

Master control of the cricket bat

One of the first things that you should keep in mind is that a batsman is the crucial player of the game. For starters, you can start practicing the swiping movements on your phone screen so that you hit the right shots. It would help if you learned about the shot combinations of the game. You should also know that each one comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Loft Shots: Lofted shots, for instance, is known as the Power Shot because it packs a powerful hit from your batsman.

If you hit a Loft shot with perfect timing, you should be able to score a six every time. However, it requires lots of practice, and you must do it at the right time. If the timing of the swipe is wrong or if you miss the shot, it will result in being bowled out or a leg before wicket dismissal.

Practice is the key here, to get the perfect swipe every time. It would be best if you were careful while trying to hit Lofted Shots while facing spin-type bowlers.

Ground drive shots: If you watch live cricket games, you can see that most of the batsman’s innings are based on easing the ball through the gaps in the field and trying to get runs by running between the wickets. 

You can apply this technique in virtual matches as well. The highest amount that you can get using this shot is a four. The best part about this shot is that you can play them while your batsman is in the default stance.

Try to go for more ground drive shots over lofted shots if you are not sure about situations.

Batting order and lineup

You can manage and control the entire cricket team just like a coach in this game. For instance, you have to decide which player to send as an opening batsman for the team. Choosing the opening batsman is extremely important as they will establish your dominance in the innings. In the game, you will see a selection screen with the names of each member, along with their power and skill levels. 

As a coach, you should put players with the highest power and skill in the opening squad. It will help you fetch more runs at the start of your innings. 

You can see the screen throughout the game. Keep this in mind so that you can make changes if required.

Effective fielding formations

With effective fielding formations, you can prevent the batting team from scoring runs. There are three kinds of fielding formations available by default. However, we suggest you go for a custom formation to adjust as per the style of the game. The field is generally divided into three zones where the fielders rotate.

In the early stage of the innings, you must opt for an aggressive fielding formation. An aggressive appearance successfully builds up pressure for the batsmen by placing four fielders in the inner circle. 

The batsmen will play lofted shots if you stop them from running between the wickets. It can result in a better opportunity for catches. On the other hand, defensive field formation is best for middle-order games. 

This move holds immense opportunities for Lofted shots and chances to get catches at the boundaries.

In this case, the defensive formation will focus the majority of your fielders towards the boundaries. As a result, it will stop batsmen from hitting plenty of sixers and fours during this stage of the game.

Bowling with maximum accuracy

Every team in the single-player mode has the same number of fast, spin, and medium-pace bowlers by default. But yes, there are a lot of players accessible from the main menu. You can personalize the team squad lineup and choose more bowlers for the game.

We would advise you to go for fast-paced bowlers as they are a safe bet. You will have to go for Yorkers who throw directly at the stumps so that the batsman can’t hit a six out of the ground. And if you want to challenge the opponent, you must go for a spin bowling focus squad.

While spin is a little hard to learn at first, it will get easier as you practice more. You will get rewarded with wickets as well. It would be best to choose the spinner based on the batsman at the striker end.

For instance, if you see a left-handed batsman, you must spin to the right so that he gives in for a quick dismissal.

So these are a few tips for you. To know more about the new playtime, read this article by Forbes.


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