Apps Like Offerup: 15 Apps to Buy and Sell Your Stuff Locally

Buying and selling locally can be quite challenging, especially in recent times. Compared to other forms of selling your stuff online, putting up a listing locally can remove shipping costs and increase convenience. Thankfully, there are several apps that can help you to buy and sell locally with ease.

You’ll be able to declutter your home while making a profit at the same time. Also, selling your stuff locally using these apps gives you the comfort of in-person transactions, which are much safer and easier.

One of the most well-known and easy-to-use apps for this purpose is OfferUp. You’ll be glad to know that there are many better alternatives to this app, that provide the same functionality with more features and a better user interface. Read on to find out more about the 15 best alternatives to OfferUp.

15 Best Alternatives to OfferUp to Buy and Sell Locally


sphockSphock enables you to buy and sell stuff locally with just a few steps. This app provides the user with a safe and easy-to-use platform. You can put up your things for sale by just uploading a few photos, a description, and your expected price. You also get the option to select the mode of delivery, including a door-to-door delivery service.

Download: Android | iOS


5milesWith 5miles, you get a well-designed app to start selling or buying used products right away. This app has some distinguishing features like the “boost” feature that can move your listing to the top, free of any charge. To put up a listing, you need to provide a product description and a few images of the product.

Download: Android | iOS

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letgoLetgo offers you one of the best OfferUp alternatives currently available. You can put up ads for second-hand products including vehicles. The sheer variety of products that can be sold and bought through this app makes it a great choice. You also get a ‘super boost’ mode with a premium subscription that shows your listing among the first ones to prospective buyers.

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selioThis is one of the recently released apps that provide competition to OfferUp. With Selio, you get great features like in-app messaging, profile sign-in, and much more. The app asks for your location to show the best deals around you, including your neighborhood. This app also has a very modern design and is quite easy to use.

Download: Android


poshmarkPoshmark provides you with an all-in-one solution for buying and selling fashion-related products. You can list your items for free, and shipping is handled by Poshmark themselves. You have to pay a commission for selling items over $15. The items that you can put up for sale include shoes, clothing, accessories, jewelry, and more.

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mercariMercari makes the tedious process of buying and selling locally a breeze. You can easily put up the products you want to sell or browse from the wide variety of products up for sale. A distinguishing feature of this app is the money-back guarantee if you don’t receive the product exactly as advertised. You have to pay a small commission after the sale of your product, but listing them is completely free.

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decluttrWith over 4 million users worldwide, decluttr brings you a well-designed and intuitive app to sell and buy a huge variety of products. In order to put up a listing on this app, you need to scan the barcode of the product you’re planning to sell. This helps both in order to verify the product and give the seller an estimated offer price.

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eBay Classifieds

ebayMost of you may have either heard of or even used eBay to buy products at great prices. But there’s a lesser-known classifieds section on the eBay app that you can use to buy and sell products locally. In this section, you’ll find listings around your location so that you can either drop off or pick up products directly.

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troveIf you are looking for an app to buy and sell specifically vintage products and furniture, then Trove can be a great option. With Trove, you can get direct payments and shipping arrangements for your furniture. Currently, the app is only available to US citizens, with support for more countries on the way. Listing your products for sale on this platform is completely free, and you can easily get support from a huge community.

Download: Android


listiaListia doesn’t have any restrictions on product categories that you can buy or sell on the platform. With over 100 million products exchanged through Listia, you can be sure to find a buyer for your items. You can put up your items for free in order to exchange them for more useful products and get reward credits that you can use to buy new listings.

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Depop brings you a modern solution to buying and selling almost anything locally. The best feature of this app is the zero-commission policy, making it completely free to use. The app’s UI is quite similar to popular social media apps, and users can put up listings by posting images. You also get an in-built chat function to connect with your customers or sellers.

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This app is quite different from the other apps on this list, as you cannot directly sell your products here. The main function of this app is to barter or exchange your products locally with great ease. You can get reviews of users before trading with them to make sure they are legit. The app also features chatting and filters to find exactly what you need.

Download: iOS


With SocialSell, you can advertise your listings on popular social media to increase the chances of them being sold. The app provides an easy-to-use interface with multiple features like direct messages, calling, deals near your location, etc. The app also hosts a broad category of products to choose from.

Download: iOS


TagHawk provides a local buying and selling platform that you’re sure to love. The app offers risk-free cashless payment and a community-based marketplace. You can chat with potential buyers or sellers before making a transaction. The app also categorizes products neatly with images and descriptions, so that you can find what you want with ease.

Download: Android | iOS


OLX is an internationally available platform through which you can get customers either locally or in your country with relative ease. The categories of items present on this app have a huge variety of products in them. You can get almost anything you want through OLX by searching for it. This platform also gives guaranteed buyer protection and many other safety features to avoid scams.

Download: Android | iOS


Buying and selling your products locally is one of the best choices to declutter your home in recent times. It can be challenging to find a safe and well-developed app for this purpose, and hence, we have listed the top 15 apps you can choose from to start selling or buying your favorite products locally. You can also find some product category-specific apps to sell niche products on the second-hand market, and platforms that let you barter or exchange your desired items.

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