10 Offline iPhone Games to Play Without Internet

Besides media consumption, mobile phones are great for playing games in your free time or while traveling. But most popular games need an always active internet connection for you to play them. This can be a problem when you’re trying to enjoy games while traveling or staying somewhere without stable internet connectivity.

Thankfully, there are loads of very well-built games with comprehensive gameplay mechanics that will keep you engaged for hours, all without any form of internet connectivity. These are generally single-player games and feature very few advertisements and in-app purchases. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the best iPhone games that you can play without an internet connection.

10 Best Offline iPhone Games

Alto’s Odyssey


This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing games on the app store and can provide you with hours of calming and engaging gameplay. The best part is that you don’t need an internet connection to play this. There are a variety of level designs in the game, and you have to sandboard your way through beautifully illustrated valleys and cliffs.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey



One of the classic computer games that paved the way for most of the games listed, Minesweeper is an addictive and challenging puzzle game. The objective of Minesweeper is to uncover all empty squares on a grid without triggering any hidden mines. While it sounds simple, the game requires a balance of strategy and skill to be successful. Minesweeper is suitable for all skill levels and is available in beginner, intermediate, and expert modes.

Play Minesweeper Online (Mobile-friendly)

Monument Valley 2

monument valley2

Monument Valley 2 brings you a colorful and intricately structured puzzle game that is guaranteed to provide a great experience. The gameplay mechanics are also quite unique in their own way. You control two characters that work together in order to solve the puzzles. There is also a beautiful story in the game that is presented directly through the gameplay, without the need for any words.

Download: Monument Valley

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Really Bad Chess


One of the best ways to pass your time when you don’t have stable internet connectivity is to play a game of chess on your phone. Although, this game brings a twist to the classic game of chess. The pieces you start with are chosen at random, and the original rules apply to them. Even people with no prior experience with chess can get started with this game quite easily.

Download: Really Bad Chess

RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic


In this game, your job is to design an amusement part with rollercoaster rides and manage it to make your customers happy and make a profit. There are premade rollercoaster designs you can use, and you even get the option to build one from scratch. You will get a lot of depth and variations in the gameplay, and the game works perfectly fine without an internet connection.

Download: RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

Plague Inc.


Plague Inc. puts the entire world at the mercy of your fingertips. In this game your objective is to spread a pathogen throughout the world, and keep it going until the entirety of the human population is extinct. It is quite an addictive game, and with new scenarios being presented with new updates, it provides almost endless gameplay potential.

Download: Plague Inc.

Soul Knight


With gorgeous 2D graphics and engaging gameplay, Soul Knight is certainly one of the best games that you can play offline on your iPhone. The premise of the game involves dungeon exploration with over 120 different weapons that you can use to clear out your enemies. It is really easy to play and doesn’t require you to focus too much on the gameplay.

Download: Soul Knight

Subway Surfers


If you have owned a mobile device at any point in this decade, you have most likely heard of, or even played Subway Surfers. The gameplay involves running on an endless train track and dodging incoming trains while avoiding your pursuer. The game is incredibly simple to play and is sure to provide hours of fun to people of all age groups.

Download: Subway Surfers

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BADLAND series

bad land

If you’re a fan of side-scrolling adventure games, then you will really enjoy both BADLAND and BADLAND 2. The gameplay is based on physics puzzles that you need to complete in order to navigate the strange but beautifully illustrated world. You can also create custom levels and play local multiplayer without an internet connection. The story of the game is also pretty well-done and should keep you engaged through the entire game.


Into the Dead 2

into the dead

This game brings one of the best zombie-shooting experiences on a mobile device. The gameplay involves running through farm fields and other well-designed levels while avoiding and shooting zombies on the way. The game also features a story with 7 different endings depending upon how you play and the decisions you make. The game doesn’t need an internet connection in order to be played and is easily one of the most beautiful games in terms of graphics.

Download: Into the Dead 2

GTA San Andreas


This game most likely doesn’t need an introduction for people reading this article. GTA San Andreas has been termed as one the best games of all time and is very popular. The older games in the GTA series have been ported to mobile devices for some time now, and they are very good ports in general. You can experience the entire story of GTA San Andreas on your iPhone, and the touch controls are also quite enjoyable.

Download: GTA San Andreas


Whether you’re on a long journey, or you have an inconsistent internet connection, one of the best ways to pass your time is to play games on your phone. But most recent games require some form of constant internet connectivity to let the users play. This is no reason for worry, as there are several well-built iPhone games that don’t need internet connectivity in order to be enjoyed. This extensively researched and curated list should help you to choose the best offline games available on the app store.

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