What is Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch – How it Works?

The Xbox Network or Xbox Live service may be familiar to you in case you own an Xbox 360, Xbox One, or the latest Xbox Series X. This service was first launched in 2002 and was later rebranded to Xbox Network recently. In case you’re wondering about how Xbox live can be accessed on Nintendo Switch and other handheld devices, then you can know all about it in this article.

The Xbox Network powers a variety of services and features that can be easily accessed through either the Xbox consoles or computers that run Windows 10. It also powers some of the games on Nintendo Switch and offers functions like cross-compatibility with other devices and more. First, let’s take an in-depth look at the Xbox Network in order to understand it better.

A Brief Overview of the Xbox Network

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As clarified earlier, this service was first introduced on the original Xbox console, and then gradually updated and rolled out to the newer generation of Xbox consoles and Microsoft Windows. Let’s take a look at some of the essential features of the Xbox Network.

  • Provides Multiplayer functionality over a variety of devices.
  • Real-time voice chat on several games.
  • Saves progress to the cloud and can be accessed on any Xbox Network compatible game or device.
  • Allows the user to connect with several other gamers.
  • Supports saving and viewing in-game achievements on any compatible device or game.

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This service is available throughout several Xbox branded titles that are available on smartphones, handheld devices, and Windows 10 or Windows 11 powered computers. Most Microsoft games have Xbox Network integrations in them. This allows these games to be enjoyed over several devices.

You may have also heard of the Xbox Live Gold service which is the premium version of the Xbox network. It offers many other features that can be accessed by paying for a periodic subscription.

For handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch and devices other than the Xbox consoles, this subscription is irrelevant. The main reason for describing this service is to prevent any confusion between the Xbox Network and the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Xbox Network Compatible Games on the Nintendo Switch

Back in 2019, Microsoft planned on bringing a few of the features provided by Xbox Network to other consoles like the Nintendo Switch. Some of the features would include in-game achievements of Xbox games, access to cloud saves, and cross-platform multiplayer support.


The most popular example of a Nintendo Switch game using the Xbox network for basic functions would be Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This game supports loading saves over a variety of different platforms because of its integration with the Xbox Network. Also, you can even play multiplayer with your friends on completely different hardware and software, like the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Consoles.


Another popular game with the Xbox Network Integration would be Cuphead. This game supports unlocking and accessing in-game achievements through the Nintendo Switch. You can also use the online multiplayer functionality because of the Xbox Network integration.

Does the Nintendo Switch Require Xbox Network Features?

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Most of the video games available on the Nintendo Switch don’t require any form of Xbox network integration in order to be enjoyed on the handheld console. But, without it, there cannot be any form of cross-platform playing, and accessing your save data of various games on the console.

Games like Minecraft heavily depend upon the Xbox network on Nintendo Switch in order to run and provide an optimal experience. Getting an Xbox Network account is essential in order to even run the game, and access any of its online features. In the next section, we will take a look at how you can set up an Xbox Network account, and use it to play your favorite Xbox-compatible titles on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Access the Xbox Network on Nintendo Switch?

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The Xbox network is not a standalone service that you can directly access on your Nintendo Switch. Its availability depends on whether a particular game supports it or not. This entire network is not accessible by the user and usually works in the background while you play these games. That being said, you’ll definitely need an Xbox account in order to access these games on the Nintendo Switch.

First of all, in case you already have a Microsoft account, you don’t need to create an additional Xbox account. One Microsoft account integrates almost all of the services provided by them, including Xbox services.

But, in case you don’t have one, you can always sign up for a new account through the Xbox app on smartphones or the Xbox official website using any browser. This account will allow you to play games powered by the Xbox network on any console or computer, including the Nintendo Switch.

Is the Xbox Network the Same as Project xCloud?

It is possible that you may have heard of the Project xCloud service. It is Microsoft’s own game streaming service and allows you to enjoy your Xbox games regardless of the device.

This is done by running the game on Microsoft’s own servers, and then streaming it to the end-user over a strong internet connection. It provides a very similar gaming experience to playing on physical hardware, without the worries of owning the latest consoles for yourself.

Project xCloud was introduced primarily in order to stream Xbox games on consoles like the Nintendo Switch. But, it holds no resemblance to the Xbox network, which just allows you to keep track of your games over a variety of hardware.


Xbox Live or the Xbox Network allows you to enjoy a variety of features over different gaming consoles and operating systems. The Xbox network integration on popular games like Minecraft, Cuphead, or Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice on the Nintendo Switch allows for multiplayer with players on different hardware.

It also keeps your saves synced over your devices, so you can progress through your games seamlessly. We hope this article has cleared any doubts you may have had about Xbox Live on Nintendo Switch.

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