[Fixed] YouTube TV Is Not Working on Fire TV

YouTube TV can be a great option to watch your favorite videos on Fire TV. But, it can be quite frustrating when you get error messages like “Can’t connect,” or get frequent crashes while using the app. The app can be easily loaded on the Fire TV platform but doesn’t always work as intended.

In case YouTube is not working on your Fire TV stick or cube, then there are a variety of issues that could be at play. In this article. we will diagnose the most common issues that users face while using Youtube TV on Fire TV, and give detailed steps on how to fix all of them.

How to fix “YouTube TV not working” on Fire Stick

The problems with YouTube TV not working can originate from a variety of factors. First, we will take a look at some of the compatibility issues that may cause this error to pop up.

Check Version Compatibility of Both Services

Support for YouTube TV was first added to the Fire Stick platform in 2019. Since then, both services have been frequently updated to keep adding new features and security.

The issue with YouTube TV not running as intended on Fire TV can rise when the versions of either service haven’t been updated for a while. It is always recommended to update both Fire TV software and YouTube TV app to their respective latest versions to avoid such issues.

To Update Fire Stick TV to The Latest Version, Follow These Steps:

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  • Locate and open Settings on your Fire TV.
  • From the navigation tab, open “My Fire TV”
  • Open “About” from the various options on this tab.
  • Tap on “Check for System Update”.
  • If there are any new updates, then they will be downloaded and installed with the minimum input required from the user.

Next, you will also want to turn on automatic updates from the Fire TV settings to keep apps like YouTube TV updated. Here’s how to do so:

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  • Locate and open the Settings app on your Fire TV from the upper right corner of the menu.
  • Select and open “Applications”.
  • Select “Appstore”.
  • Toggle “Automatic Updates” to on.

This should ensure that all of your installed apps stay updated automatically whenever you have an active internet connection.

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Clear App Data and Cache

While using any app on your smart TV or smartphone, data gets accumulated to make the app run better in the long run. This is called cache, and it needs to be cleared at regular intervals to prevent issues like YouTube TV crashes. The process of clearing the cache is quite simple and similar to that on Android devices, as Fire OS is based on Android. Here’s how to simply clear your app cache in Fire TV:

  • Open Settings on your Fire TV.

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  • Locate and open “Applications” from the list of options.

fire tv applications

  • Under “Manage Installed Applications”, locate the YouTube TV app.
  • Once you’ve selected YouTube TV, you should get the options “Clear cache” and “Clear data”.
  • Tap on both of them to refresh all of the accumulated data of the YouTube TV app.

This should fix most normal crashes and allow you to view your favorite channels without any interruptions. Note that you may need to log in to YouTube once you open the app after doing this process.

Restart Your Fire TV

One of the easiest fixes that you can try while your apps are crashing is to restart the operating system. Restarting can clear some temporary data that clashes with the app’s runtime and causes a crash. To easily restart your Fire TV, follow these simple steps: ]

restart fire tv

  • Open Settings on your Fire TV.
  • Go to “My Fire TV”
  • From the various options, select “Restart”.

Your Fire TV OS should now do a complete restart. Once done, you should be able to access the YouTube TV app normally in case this was the underlying issue for the crash.

Do a Fresh Install of YouTube TV

In case none of the methods stated above work for you, then you can always easily reinstall the YouTube TV app to get a fresh start without any of the previous issues. The process first involves uninstalling the affected version of the YouTube TV app and then re-installing it from the Fire TV app catalog. Here’s how to to do this:

my fire tv


  • Go to Settings on your Fire TV app.
  • Locate and select “Applications”.
  • Go to “Manage Selected Applications”.
  • Locate and select “YouTube TV”.
  • Select “Uninstall” in order to remove the app completely from your Fire TV.

Once you’ve successfully removed the corrupted version of YouTube TV, you need to reinstall it in order to watch your favorite channels without any problems. Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Fire TV menu.
  • From the search bar, look up “YouTube TV”.
  • Once the search results come up, select “YouTube TV”, and press “Get”.
  • This will initiate the download and install process on your Fire TV.
  • Once installed, you should be able to find “YouTube TV” on your homepage.

After reinstalling YouTube TV, you can try to play the channels as you normally would. You shouldn’t find any of the previous issues and the app should work as intended by the developer.

Factory Reset Your Fire TV

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The final solution in case none of the above methods have worked out for you is to do a complete reset of your Fire TV. This will fix any kind of software-related bugs that may have occurred on your Fire TV Stick or Cube. But, it will also remove all installed apps and customized settings. Follow the steps listed below to factory reset your Fire TV:

  • On your Fire TV remote, press and hold the left and right navigation buttons together to bring up the reset menu.
  •  On the menu that pops up, select “Reset”.
  • In case you had a PIN set up, enter it to continue the process.

Once done, your Fire TV should reboot, and you’ll need to set it up from scratch. After completing the setup process, you can get the YouTube TV app and use it without any issues. This concludes the list of methods to fix YouTube TV not working errors on Fire TV.

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