Lost Your Firestick Remote? Here What to Do

We have come a long way from thick screened television to LCD and now LED screen smart TVs. The transition has given rise to new technologies such as Android TV box and firestick that helps a great deal in making the most of LED screen smart TVs. While firestick has helped operate smart TVs, have you ever wondered what you would do if you lost it?

Firestick operates on Wi-Fi and in case you lost the remote and it lands up in a place that is not in your Wi-Fi range, you won’t be able to operate your TV.

Well, don’t worry. Even if such a situation arises, there are plenty of things you can do. Here are a few things you can do in absence of the firestick remote.


1. When it is lost in the house itself

In case you lose hold of your fire tv stick in the house, your smartphone can help you to navigate and control it. However, your Firestick and phone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

How will it work?

Get the Fire TV app from the app or play store and then open it on your phone. After ensuring both devices are on the same network, you will see your firestick popping up automatically on the app.

Then, tap on the Fire TV stick present on your phone and you’ll be presented with a screen to enter a 4-digit pin.

This pin will appear on the TV and once you enter it, you will be able to use your smartphone as Firestick.

Now you are connected to your firestick and it’ll appear like shown in the picture below.

This remote is quite easy to use. You just have to swipe on the empty area to work the arrow keys and tap there for selecting OK. If you want to use Alexa, open websites, just go to settings, and do the needful with the help of a smartphone keyboard present there.

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2. When you lose it outside your house

If the Firestick and smartphone are connected to the same network, the work is easy. However, if you lose the firestick away from your house, chances are they aren’t connected to the same Wi-Fi and that toughens the job a bit.

In this case, you’ll require two smartphones wherein one will be used as the remote for Firestick and the other one will be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This will work better with all other devices that have an internet connection except for the iPhone.

Now, you need to install the firestick app on your smartphone and then log in using your Amazon credentials. In the next step, you have to create a hotspot that should have the same credentials such as the Wi-Fi to which your firestick was connected. That is why it won’t work with the iPhone.

next, connect your firestick to the TV and switch it on and ensure that it is connected to the hotspot created by you.

And then your job is done.

Your fire TV stick will appear on the Fire TV remote and you can use it as you please. In case you want to change anything, go to settings on the Fire TV stick and you will find everything you need there.

3. You can make use of previous-gen firestick

The best thing about amazon firestick is that it is backward compatible. It implies that an old firestick can be used in place of the new one. Since it is a generation older, it won’t have all the features that the new one has but since you just need it to operate your TV, so it’ll work just the same.

To use the previous generation remove, you just need to press and hold three buttons all at once for 10 seconds: home, back, and left arrow key buttons and restart the firestick. Once it is switched back on, it’ll be paired automatically and will be ready to use.

4. Your TV’s remote can help too

Smart TVs nowadays have HDMI-CEC that is an interface to help you control all the electronics that are connected to your TV via HDMI by making use of a TV remote.


This feature has a different name depending upon the brand of TV you are using. However, you don’t have to be worried about getting confused as while it might be advertised as something different, it’ll still be called HDMI-CEC in the TV settings.

You have to turn that option on and then it’s ready to be used as a firestick. The arrow keys help in proper navigation and will give you almost the same experience as you would have with your updated firestick. But keep in mind, few features vary from company to company, so not everything will work the same but it’ll be good enough for you.

5. Making use of a keyboard or a mouse

This is helpful in case you wish to browse different websites as it makes typing and searching easy with its keyboard feature. You can easily connect a mouse or keyboard to the TV with a micro USB cord and get rolling with it.


Technology has surely changed our lives in a way we never imagine. Now, with the use of AI assistants such as Alexa, we can just give commands and have our wishes granted. FireStick is another great invention that has eased the work on the part of its users. So in case you end up losing it anywhere, you know what to do.

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