10 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android and iOS

As you may already know, CamScanner is one of the apps that has been delisted from the Google Play Store as a result of the nationwide ban on Chinese apps. This app was widely used and highly praised for the many distinguishing features that made it easy to scan any document or ID.

As of now, you cannot download and install CamScanner from the Google Play Store. So, we have listed all the best alternatives to CamScanner that you can find on the Play Store, with some of them offering even better functionality than CamScanner.

10 Best CamScanner Alternatives in 2021

Adobe Scan


Adobe Scan is without a doubt one of the best replacements for CamScanner that you can try out. It includes all the prominent features found in the formerly banned app and has integrations with the Adobe Creative Cloud. This makes managing and editing your document scans on the go quite an easy task.

Also, features like auto-capture for documents, ID scanning, and OCR are also implemented in this app. The scanned documents can also be exported in high quality to either PDF or JPG formats to the device storage or the cloud.

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Microsoft Office Lens


Another great app to scan and store your important documents and ID is Microsoft Office Lens. This app offers its own take on many of the key features found in CamScanner, along with a very powerful OCR solution that can even recognize handwritten text.

The scanned documents can either be saved as individual files in the form of scanned JPG images or as a whole document by converting them to PDFs. This app is available on both iOS and Android devices for free.

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Google Drive


Most users with an Android device may have heard of Google Drive. But one of the lesser-known features of this app is the integrated scanner for documents. You can use this feature to avail most of the benefits of an app like CamScanner.

It includes automatic document cropping, OCR, and many other features to tailor your scanned documents to your needs. Once scanned, the documents can be directly uploaded and stored on the Google Drive storage, or converted to PDF or JPG and exported to the device storage.

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Another great alternative to CamScanner for users who like a less cluttered app would be TapScanner. This app allows the user to capture their documents, IDs, photos, and much more to convert them to high-quality digital prints.

You get all of the features found in other similar apps on this list, including cloud integration for your documents, OCR support, and exporting them in high quality in a wide variety of formats.

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Considered to be one of the most prominent and comprehensive alternatives to CamScanner, Scanbot is a great app to try for your scanning needs. You can scan many different types of documents, including handwritten text and QR codes.

Also, it can crop the images live while scanning your documents for a more convenient experience. Also, these scanned documents can be shared to the cloud or transferred to the device storage in high quality.

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Another great option for both iOS and Android users for a CamScanner alternative is Notebloc. This app can offer most of the functionality found in CamScanner, along with a few niche features that make it unique.

This app is completely free to use, without any kind of watermarking on saved documents. It’s also much faster than some of the other alternatives on this list, which makes it more productive to use.

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TurboScan is a great alternative to CamScanner in case you need very sharp and clear copies of your documents. While the other apps can also create very detailed PDFs or JPGs based on your documents, TurboScan has additional sharpening filters to make it even more clear.

Also, like some of the other options on this list, the saved documents can be synced with the cloud and saved natively to the device as you usually would. Although you don’t get any sort of OCR support with this app.

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In case your primary need involves scanning images to create a digital copy of them, instead of scanning documents, then PhotoScan is a great app to try. It produces a more clear and color accurate result for photos than many similar competitor apps.

Also, the post-processing algorithms used by this app is based on Google’s code, which makes it much more efficient and faster. This app also automatically removes glare to create great digital images.

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Clear Scan


In case you’re on the lookout for a more simple and concise alternative to CamScanner, you can definitely try out Clear Scan. This app can scan almost any type of document, including IDs, handwritten text, or printed text.

Apart from these, the saved documents can be directly compressed in order to save space and upload them to places with size restrictions. Also, the documents can also be exported in PDF and JPG formats.

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Evernote Scannable


This app is another great alternative in case you’re missing out on the features offered by CamScanner. You can readily scan your documents or IDs and export them like you would with the other options on this list.

Also, the saved documents can be uploaded to the cloud. The scanned documents can be shared directly with colleagues and associates. These features make it a worthy alternative to CamScanner. Note that this app is only available for iOS devices.

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