10 Fastest Browsers for Windows 10

In case you’re on the lookout for the best browsers on Windows, you’d be glad to know that there are quite a few good ones out there to try.  Using a faster browser can help you to increase your productivity and improve your browsing experience by a large margin. This is why you need to try out some of the best browsers on Windows 10.

Among the various options available for browsers, only a few of them are worthy enough to be tried out. To save the time you’d need to research and choose the best browser, we have listed all the best options in this article. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Top 10 Fastest Browsers for Windows 10

Opera Browser


Opera is one of the well-known, but lesser-used browsers on the list. Opera is a great browser in terms of speed and optimization on lower-end devices. It is available on most operating systems out there and runs flawlessly on Windows 10.

Opera has been available for quite a while and there has been active development. You get a lot of features on this browser, including workspaces that can be customized. Overall, in terms of UI and speed, this is one of the best browsers on this list.

Get it here: Opera

Brave Browser


Brave browser is one of the most private and secure browsers to try. It provides its users with a very discrete and anonymous browser experience. This is indeed also one of the fastest browsers around as it is based on the open-source Chromium base.

Apart from being fast, it can also help you to earn a quick buck by visiting various websites. This has made it one of the most popular browsers around. Also, the user interface is quite easy to use.

Get it here: Brave Browser

Google Chrome


Google Chrome is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most popular browsers around. This browser provides you with the most features you can have from a modern browser and should be enough to meet the needs of most users.

It also provides a seamless experience between devices logged in with the same Google account. You can access all the bookmarks and preferences on any device with Google chrome. Overall Chrome can satisfy the needs of most users and you can always add extra features with the huge variety of extensions available on the Chrome web store.

Get it here: Google Chrome 

Mozilla Firefox


Firefox is another browser that many users prefer for fast and efficient browsing. Firefox also offers better security and privacy enhancements than most of the other browsers on this list. The various enhancements to increase the speed of browsing make it really smooth to use.

Also, your data can be synced across all devices that support Firefox, just like Google Chrome. Its speed and performance, along with the sleek UI make this browser one of the best options to try.

Get it here: Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge

This is the standard browser that comes preinstalled with Windows 10. It is the default browser that handles all the links you open on your Windows computer. Despite being actively used by only a few users, Edge has seen a lot of improvements in recent years.

This browser now counts as one of the fastest browsers to use on Windows 10, alongside Google Chrome and Firefox. There are many implementations for enhancing privacy and customization. Although the lack of good extensions can be a limiting factor for some users.

Get it here: Microsoft Edge

Tor Browser


Tor Browser is the best option to use in case you want absolute privacy along with reasonable speeds. Keep in mind that the Tor browser isn’t built to be fast, but focuses on pure privacy. Tor has evolved a lot from the early years and can be recommended as quite a good browser to use.

Also, Tor is one of the only browsers that you can use to access the deep web completely anonymously. Tor ensures that you can balance your private browsing needs with the most comprehensive privacy features that you could ever want.

Get it here: Tor Browser



In case you’ve never heard of Chromium before, it is the open-source project that Google Chrome and many other browsers are based on. With Chromium, you get access to all the features you’d find on the Chrome browser.

You can also sign in with your Google account and sync your browsing preferences and history on multiple devices. Chromium basically works as an open-source alternative to Google Chrome and provides most, if not all of the features present in its more popular counterpart.

Get it here: Chromium



Maxthon is one of the lesser-known, but quite feature-rich browsers among the various options on this list. With Maxthon, you get access to niche features like split-screen browsing, ad-free browsing experience, skin customization, support for edge plugins, and more.

Overall, Maxthon is a great browser for Windows 10 and should be able to satisfy the needs of most users looking for a smooth and ad-free browsing experience. You also get most of the standard features found in other browsers on this list.

Get it here: Maxthon

Comodo IceDragon


Comodo IceDragon is a fast and secure browser that you can try on Windows 10. It is quite light on system resources and should run flawlessly on most computers. This lightweight browser can help you to easily browse your favorite websites in a fast and hassle-free experience.

The advanced engine used in this browser also allows large files to downloaded at higher speeds than usual, along with faster page loading times. In case you’re on a limited data pack, you can rest easy as webpages are compressed in the browser to make sure that the minimum required bandwidth is used.

Get it here: Comodo IceDragon



Vivaldi is another great alternative that is based on the Chromium project. It combines the features of Google Chrome and Opera browser to provide the user with the best of both worlds. Also, this browser offers comprehensive customization solutions that are not present in the other alternatives.

Vivaldi is available on most operating systems out there, including Windows 10 and Linux. The user interface is easy to navigate and provides seamless multi-tab management that can increase your productivity.

Get it here: Vivaldi

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