15 Best Tab Manager Extensions For Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the fastest, easiest to use and most secure browser available today. Chrome provides users with a number of benefits like personalized news and weather updates, quick links to most frequently visited sites, quick downloads, Google translate and many more. 

Google Chrome remembers browser history and offers suggestions based on previously visited sites, making browsing much easier and hassle-free. One can also use incognito mode if you don’t want it to remember the browsing history. It helps sync information across various devices so that one may pick up where they left off on another device.

Best Tab Manager Extensions for Chrome

Today we’ve brought to you 15 Best Chrome Tab Manager extensions which makes your browsing experience much more comfortable and easy.

TooMany Tabs

Having this Chrome Tab Manager, you can open as many tabs as you want. Managing multiple tabs is now very easy with this extension. It’s easy to install and takes just a few seconds to set up the extension on desktop Chrome browser. With the in-built search bar, you can search any of the open tabs. The best thing about this extension that it automatically backs up all the open tabs to your Google Drive account.

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Session Buddy


This Chrome Tab Manager is considered a very powerful extension because it keeps on updating you with the active sessions of all the open tabs. It supports all the widely used formats like HTML, CSV, and others. Besides that, its extensive keyboard shortcuts and auto-saving of active sessions makes it perfect to use on your desktop.

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One-Tab - Reduce Chrome Memory Usage

The function of this extension is exactly opposite to its name. Though its name is OneTab it can manage multiple tabs at a time. It turns all the open tabs into a list so that it becomes easy to restore it all at once. It also cleans up the junk and inactive tabs and frees up space in your Chrome browser. The speed of OneTab is also very impressive, it makes you more productive. Digging deep into the settings, you can also set to exclude or include any particular tab from the criteria of OneTab.

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Quick Tab


The basic function of Quick Tab is the same i.e. to manage all the open tabs on your Google Chrome browser. However, what makes this different is the easy search option through which users can directly jump onto any open tab without scanning them all. But if you need to work with more than 20 tabs at a time, Quick Tab might become a little slow.

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This Chrome Tab Manager is very effective for geeks needs to work in hundreds of open tab. This extension can save your tabs in just one click. Moreover, you can open the saved tabs in any other device. What’s more, one need? Also, operating this extension is very simple. This extension requires you to log in your Google Account.

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The Great Suspender


This is an open-source Chrome Tab Manager which you can use for managing your open tabs very easily. The extension itself check if the open tab is active or suspended. It will auto-close unwanted open tabs and thereby speed up your work and efficiency. 

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For easy, simple, and using the basic feature of any Chrome Tab Manager, this extension is perfect. You can do such settings that whenever you open the Google Chrome browser, the last closed tab will reopen. You can choose the settings for options like ‘Position of the new tab’, ‘Use pin or Unpin button’, ‘Use context Menu’, etc.

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Tab Outliner

This Chrome Tab Manager stands out among the rest due to its immersive and intuitive design and interface. It showcases all the open and active tabs in the form of tree-like structure. To create quick notes out of the open tabs, you just need to drag and drop the texts into the list. It can further be managed easily with using shortcuts.

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TabJump is specially designed for folks who can’t work in limited tabs. It is best for professionals who need to open multiple tabs to get their work done. Navigating between all the tabs is very easy, all you need to do is just tap on the extension icon. For adding ease to the users, it list all the open tabs into three categories viz., Related, Undo, and Jump. Undo consists of recently closed tabs, related includes many tabs from a single website, and Jump has all the other active open tabs.

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Close Tabs

Close Tabs has many features to offer you. It can manage all the open tabs along with the context menu. It has options like close tabs to the right of the open tab, close tabs to the left of the open tab, close all tabs except current tab, close all tabs from the same domain, etc.

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Tab Hibernation

If you want to free up space on your computer, Tab Hibernation is best to kill all the open tabs which lie inactive and unproductive. Also, if you have mistakenly deleted any of the important tabs, you can get them back on just a click of your mouse. After installing this extension, a crescent moon shape icon appears on the address bar of the browser.

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This Chrome Tab Manager is compatible with all the desktop Chrome versions and reduce the usage of CPU and RAM by removing the idle tabs. This extension automatically shifts all the inactive and idle tabs to a lite page of the browser. Also, whenever the user starts browsing, it reloads the last closed tab by default. Additionally, if you want any of the tab to not parked on the lite page, you can simply pin it. 

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Recent History

This Tab Manager extension provides you the detailed history of all the opened tabs by you. In addition, you can also re-open the latest closed tabs in just one click. You can bookmark hundreds of open tabs all at once without wasting time to bookmark them individually. In this way, this extension proves very time-saving.

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Aerys – Tab Manager

If you are looking for a good tab manager, Aerys could be a good choice for you. It allows you to find open tabs searching through URL or title of the page, close all tabs in a single click, reopen closed tabs without hassle, simple drag and drop the tabs to arrange in an order of priority or usage.

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Clutter Free

Clutter Free works exactly its name suggests. It clears all the tab clutter that hampers your productivity and work. Its newest feature is ‘Quick Tab Search’, using which you can easily search for whatever the tab you want to work in. Also, if you have open any tab twice, this extension let you know promptly. This extension runs in the background and requires you to log in an active and valid Google Account.

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