How to Block Websites in Google Chrome?

There are various reasons why you need to block websites on your computer. Maybe you want to focus much on your work, so you can increase your productivity by blocking social media or other similar websites. Or you are a parent and you want your children to stay away from some prohibited websites. Most of us use Google Chrome as their default web browser so it’s a good idea to block websites on chrome using some helpful extensions. So here are a couple of methods using which you can block websites in your chrome browser.

How to Block Websites On Chrome?

There are two ways to block websites in Google Chrome:

1. Using a chrome extension.
2. Manually blocking a website on your computer.

Block Websites Using Chrome Extension:

This method just blocks websites on your chrome browser. If you want to block a website on all other web browsers including Google chrome then you can check the second method.

  • So first you need to install an extension called Block Site. Simply click this link and install the extension on your browser.

install block site extension

  • Once the extension is installed, Visit the website which you want to block. In this case I will use Facebook.
  • Now right-click anywhere on the webpage and select Block site and further click on Add current site to blacklist.

block websites on chrome

  • Now whenever you try to visit that site, It will show an error message which says “The website has been blocked by BlockSite”.

website blocked message

  • Suppose you want to block adult websites or you want to block adult words which are been searched in search engines like Google. So you can’t simply make a list of websites and block them one by one. That’s really time-consuming.
  • This can be easily achieved as Block site offers an option where we can block words that are searched on Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • So click the options button(three vertical lines) and further select settings.
  • Now on the left-hand side, you’ll find the Extensions tab, click on it.


  • In extensions scroll down until you find Block site extension.
  • Once you found it click on the options button. This will open the extensions setting.


  • Now select the Block words tab and further enable “Adult related” to start blocking adult words.

block adult words in search engine

  • That’s it, try to Google so creepy words and it redirects you to the block page.
  • Another good practice is to set a password on this extension so that nobody can unblock websites which have been blocked.
  • To add a password simply click the Uninstall Protection tab on the left-hand side and set your password.

set password

  • There is a disadvantage of using this extension. If someone uninstalls this extension then all the websites will be unblocked.
  • But you can check their premium version which provides Uninstall protection.

Manually Blocking Website on Chrome

The above method only blocks websites on chrome browser. So the websites can be easily accessed in Internet Explorer or other web browsers. To block websites totally on all browsers you need to block it using Windows Hosts file. I have already covered this topic, So you can check out the step by step guide to block websites using hosts file.


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