5 Best Web Browsers for Windows 10 (Light & Fast)

Web browsers are important programs which are required to access webpages from your computer. Well, most of the Windows 10 browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, Opera) share the same features. So your own preferences are the key factor in selecting the perfect browser. In this article, we have compiled a list of best browsers for windows which are sorted in terms of speed, user experience, and features.

5 Best Browsers For Windows

Windows 10 both come with internet explorer and edge as their default web browser. But the default browser doesn’t fulfill our expectations. So here is the list of the best web browsers.


There is no doubt that many people use chrome browser and it is considered as the best browser for Windows 8/10. It is known for its simplicity and loading webpages amazingly faster. Apart from this, it comes with the chrome web store where you can find some great extensions and apps which you can use in chrome to enhance your browsing experience. The only drawback is Chrome is RAM hungry, but you can use some tips to make Google Chrome faster. Also in the latest update, they have finally made chrome lightweight.


Before Chrome, Firefox was everyone’s first choice. Both of them almost share similar features. In chrome there are extensions and in Firefox it’s addons, quite similar huh? If we compare both Firefox and chrome then Firefox is good at browsing speed and customization whereas chrome provides a good in user experience and has an elegant user interface. If your computer is not that much powerful then Firefox lite should be the right choice and a good alternative of Google chrome.

Maxthon Browser

Are you sick of pop up ads everywhere? Then this browser is for you. Maxthon comes up Adblock which automatically blocks annoying ads. If for some reasons you don’t like Chrome or Firefox then Maxthon is a great alternative for both of these browsers. The best thing about Maxthon browser is it automatically blocks Spywares and adwares.

Torch Browser

If you are a social media geek then torch browser is for you. It has a built-in bit torrent client and video downloader. It can easily grab YouTube videos and easily download them using its in-built downloader. While it has some unnecessary features, but hopefully we could remove them. It is a chromium-based browser which is a plus point as it has chrome’s speed, security, and reliability. Torch browser adds some extra features which make this browser more unique and appealing.


Opera is a simple and lite web browser. If you just want to surf webpages, watch videos and perform some basic internet tasks then this should be your choice. No need to mess with extensions or addons just enjoy a simple browsing experience. Opera introduces turbo mode using which you can browse webpage faster than ever before. It is a very secure browser and is highly recommended for basic internet users.

Best Light Weight Web Browser For Windows?

If you have a low-end computer then these browsers should be your ideal choice. Although upgrading to an SSD will fix the lagging issues in the browser.

  • Torch browser
  • FireFox Lite
  • Opera
  • Maxthon Cloud Browser
  • Chrome

Best Web Browser in Terms Of Speed?

Now browsers have nothing to do with your internet speed. While loading a website there are various factors involved. So here are some of the fastest browsers for Windows.

  • FireFox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Torch browser
  • Maxthon Cloud Browser
Hope you liked the list of best browsers for Windows 10. So which web browser do you love to you use?



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