12 Anonymous Browser Apps to Browse Privately

With the rising security concerns, the need for privacy when browsing the internet is growing day by day, and it is more essential than ever before to focus on privacy-based browsers. When you browse the internet, most sites and browsers track your activity and other information. This data is generally stored in the form of cookies, cache, and browsing history.

When you use a privacy-oriented browser, every trace of your browsing is cleared once the session is exited. A good anonymous browsing app can block ads, trackers, cookies and hide your actual identity on the web.

Most websites collect this data with the intention of providing you with more relevant advertisements according to your browsing habits. But all websites aren’t created equally and some of them may collect this data with malicious intentions. This is why you should consider settling on a good anonymous browsing app with privacy protection features.

There are several of these browsers available for PCs, but most people spend their time browsing the internet on their phones. So, we have curated a list of the best anonymous browsing apps for Android and iOS devices that you can use to keep yourself and your identity safe on the internet.

15 Best Anonymous Browsing Apps in 2021

  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

duckduckDuckDuckGo has been relevant on the internet for over a decade now. The company focuses on privacy and provides its own search engine that doesn’t collect personal info like Google or Bing. They have also released a privacy browser for Android and iOS devices with a plethora of features to keep your browsing anonymous on the internet.

This app can block all visible and hidden trackers that collect information about you on websites, and you can even review the blocked trackers after the session ends. It provides you with its own search engine by default and uses HTTPS everywhere to keep you safe from malicious websites. It also features an integrated ad blocker and doesn’t record your browsing history.

Download – Android | iOS

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  • Firefox Focus


Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers after Google Chrome. With Firefox Focus, you get a browser for your mobile devices that’s completely focused on privacy. With this browser, you can be sure that no advertisements or websites can track your browsing. You can enable or disable trackers according to your needs.

You also get an “Erase” button that can clear every single data of a browsing session in just one tap. The app has an intuitive and well-designed UI with modern elements. With this app, you can also reduce your data consumption by loading a lighter version of web pages with less tracking features. You can even add more add-ons to further improve your privacy and security.

Download – Android | iOS

  • InBrowser


This browser is also one of the easy-to-use apps on the market that helps you browse the internet without leaving any traces. You get support for in-app videos so that you don’t need to take your browsing session out of the browser. Also, it comes with a LastPass integration, which is a service that saves all of your passwords in one secure place, so you don’t need to remember them.

The UI is simple, minimalistic, and quite easy to navigate. You get a lot more headroom than some other browsers to view your web pages. This app also features agent cloaking, which implies that you can fool any website into thinking that you are using a different popular browser like Chrome or Firefox. Overall, it provides a great number of features and its popularity is justified.

Download – Android | iOS

  • Brave Browser


Brave is one of the names that is rapidly gaining popularity in the privacy-oriented browser market. It has been praised by many companies for its features that put you in control of your privacy. You can block trackers, advertisements, get more speed than other conventional browsers, and much more.

This browser also uses HTTPS Everywhere, so you can access a secure version of any website on the internet. Some of its other features focus on cybersecurity issues, like malware filters, phishing protection, anti-fingerprinting, and more. The app is also very well built and has better battery and data optimisation than most mobile browsers out there.

Download – Android | iOS

  • Onion Browser

onion ios 1

If you are looking for a system of browsing the internet that leaves absolutely no traces of your browsing, then Onion Browser can be a great choice. With this browser, you can access the internet through Tor. This makes tracking almost impossible for any website and provides you with an unprecedented privacy system.

If you are planning to just casually browse the internet, then this way of browsing can be overkill. Still, this is one of the best options to deal with unwanted trackers, and have multiple layers of encryption. The app also works quite well as a conventional browser with most of the features that modern browsers include.

Download – iOS

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  • Dolphin Zero


This is perhaps the most lightweight app on this list with a download size of just 500 KB for Android devices. It is a great option for phones that run older hardware, and despite its smaller size, it boasts a lot of features to protect your privacy. You get a ‘do not track’ mode that disables most of the cookies and cache stored on your device.

It also comes with an ad blocker that can remove most of the advertisements and pop-ups that you may experience. Also, the browser loads a lighter version of the web pages to give you a much faster browsing experience when compared to popular browsers.

Download – Android

  • Ghostery

ghostery 1

If you don’t want your browsing experience to deviate from the modern popular browsers, but you still need to secure your privacy on the internet, then Ghostery can be a great choice for you. It comes with a large database of more than 2000 trackers that can be blocked. The UI of the app is also very similar to other Chromium-based browsers.

You can get a complete list of trackers that get blocked by this browser, and you can individually enable or disable them. This can be of great help for enabling trackers on social media websites that are essential to the working of the website while keeping the others disabled.

Download – Android | iOS

  • Aloha Browser


Aloha browser provides you with great privacy features and browsing speed. It includes an in-built VPN that encrypts and compresses your data packets for enhanced privacy and speed. This app also has an optimised rendering engine that helps load cluttered websites faster than on conventional browsers.

It can block most advertisements on websites, and also features an in-built video player so that you don’t have to take your private sessions out of the app. You also get a download manager, and a clean and modern user interface to go with it.

Download – Android | iOS

  • Snap Search


Snap search is one of the most unique privacy bases browsers because of its inbuilt VPN that can keep you secure. This browser gives you the control of your tracking information in your own hands. The design of the UI is also modern and includes a dark mode that you can enable for night-time browsing.

The in-built ad blocker works very well and gives you an ad-free experience while browsing. The app also does not ask for any permissions while installing on Android phones, which is an added assurance of privacy.

Download – Android

  • Avast Secure Browser


If you take your privacy and file security very seriously, then Avast Secure Browser may be the best choice for you. This browser encrypts everything, starting from bookmarks, IP addresses, DNS queries, and more. It is also fast and allows you to lock your history from outside access using a password or pin code.

The unlimited free VPN included is also free to use with the app, and can block most ads and trackers. It also has an embedded video downloader and QR code reader to make your browsing experience more seamless.

Download – Android | iOS

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  • Private Browsing Web Browser

Just like the name suggests, this browser is filled with features to help you manage your privacy while browsing the internet. You can view your favourite websites in full-screen mode and all of your cookies, cache, and other stored data are not stored in the app for maximum privacy.

Once you exit, all traces of your session are destroyed, and you can start anew whenever you open the browser. The app features a similar user interface to the Safari browser, and thus it should be easy to switch over to this new app. This app is only available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Download – Android | iOS

  • Armorfly Browser and Downloader

Armorfly Browser is a great anonymous browsing app because of its inbuilt “Private Vault” that can store your personal files in a safe and secure environment. The app comes with an integrated anti-virus system to help you avoid malware from compromised websites.

You also get support for downloading videos directly from many different websites, without the use of a browser extension. There are loads of privacy-related options that you can tweak to personalise your browsing experience. Overall, this browser offers quite a few features that you may not find anywhere else.

Download – Android 

  • Frost+ Incognito Browser

With this browser, you can choose to delete your entire browsing session once you are done browsing the internet. For anonymous browsing purposes, this app has quite a variety of options that may appeal to you. Any downloads made through this app are hidden from the main downloads in the device.

This app does provide some features to block trackers and ads, but it falls short when compared to the other apps on this list. Still, if you want to keep your browsing data safe from your friends or family, this app can work wonders for you.

Download – Android

  • Incognito Browser

If you are looking for a simple browser that provides the basic privacy security features without any extra frills, then Incognito Browser can be a great choice. You can specify your own default search engine, and it comes with a well-made dark mode.

This app doesn’t save most of the tracking data on your device and once the session is exited, all of the data gets wiped. But this app doesn’t stop websites from trying to track you. It performs its job of keeping your data safe from prying eyes pretty well though.

Download – Android

  • Frost

This is one of the lesser-known browsers that you can get for your device to keep your privacy maintained. The UI of this app has been updated with material UI for a modern and sleek look. You also get a private vault that can save your files and links behind a password-protected layer of security.

When exiting, the browser asks you to confirm what you want to delete from the current session. With this, you can have precise control over what information you want to keep for later use. This app has been rapidly gaining popularity and is a great choice is you want a simple app with a modern UI.

Download – Android


With growing concern regarding privacy in our current times, using an anonymous browsing app can keep you and your data safe for third parties. Some of the browsers listed above can provide a user experience that is similar to popular preloaded browsers like Chrome and Safari. You can easily decide upon any of the choices listed above and stick to it without any worries.

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