22 Best Proxy Browsers for Windows & Mac

Maintaining your anonymity while browsing the internet is important at times as there are hackers everywhere, looking to break into your systems. That’s one of the reasons why there is a safe browsing mode that ensures you don’t go to a website that your system doesn’t trust.

There are also VPN that helps with protecting our identity. However, not all free VPNs give the best service, so the question arises – how to maintain secrecy so that your information can’t be viewed by a third party while using the internet? The answer is simple, by using anonymous browsers so that you can carry on with your private web browsing.

Listed below are a few of the best proxy browsers suitable for private web browsing:

Tor browser

If you are using this browser, you don’t need a VPN client. It is suitable for most operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android. The users can easily either set up a proxy or use this web browser’s default settings to bypass web trackers and advertisers. It is a bit slow but completely safe and maintains your anonymity over the internet well.


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Epic browser

This anonymous browser has a pleasant interface and is compatible with windows 10. It is based on chromium, therefore allows its users to make the best of chrome features on this browser too. It blocks all ads and web trackers due to its default setting and maintains your privacy on the web. It is easy to use and understand & should be tried by people wanting to remain anonymous while using the internet.


Comodo dragon browser

This browser has a set of useful tools that are super helpful in making its users anonymous. It blocks all trackers, web spies, cookies, and anything that can expose your identity by default. It also has a built-in domain validation technology that detects weak SSL certifications and warns you about a harmful website. You can browse your favorite sites without worrying about your information being hacked.


SRWare iron browser

This is another chromium-based web browser; therefore, the user will find several features of chrome browser here. It is available for most used operating systems such as windows, mac OS X, Linux, etc. Its tools block web spies, trackers, and ads with ease. It maintains the user’s privacy and ensures maximum security while they are browsing the internet. It is one of the most used anonymous browsers.


Brave browser

This browser is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android. It has been seen that android users use it the most. Its built-in ad blocker, tracker blocker helps in maintaining anonymity while browsing the web. It is quite fast as compared to most other anonymous browsers and is the reason why it is preferred so much among internet users.



Portability is one of the best features this browser offers its users and can be easily run through USB flash drives for it is lightweight. It easily blocks ads and keeps the user anonymous, basically provides every other feature that tor browser has. It also automatically deletes web searches as and when you close the browser, to keep your information safe.  Though it is not popular, it still is one of the best anonymous browsers out there.



For the ones using the windows operating system, this web browser is a bit common there. Since it is chromium-based, it has features of a chrome browser and an extremely easy-to-use interface. Its ‘turbo mode’ speeds up the web browser when people are browsing through it. This browser also has a built-in DNS spoofing protection that protects and safeguards you from going on a fake, phishing or fraudulent webpage.


Brave with tor

One can call this anonymous browser a good alternative to google chrome. It has amazing security features that prevent the leak of any private information of the user. Its features include blocking ads and any kind of trackers. This browser also allows its users to open a browsing session with tor. This is without a doubt one of the best anonymous browsers for people who wish to maintain their privacy.


Burner browser

This browser isn’t your typical, traditional web browser. Rather, it is a bundle of a virtual desktop + VPN. You can easily create your own private and controlled server on your desktop with this browser and browse the internet while maintaining your anonymity. It is very compatible with windows 10 and is also one of the most used anonymous browsers by windows users.


Firefox focus

Mozilla has developed a firefox focus, keeping in mind its user’s need for privacy and anonymity. This is one of the top-rated anonymous mobile browsers, so far only for android devices. It conceals user data and blocks web trackers so that users are safeguarded to the maximum extent while they are online. The best part about this browser is that it automatically deletes all browsing activities such as cookies, cache, etc., so you don’t have to clean it yourself.


Opera Browser


This browser provides the user with a clean and elegant UI. Also, the advanced algorithms used by this browser make sure that web pages are loaded at the maximum speed possible and with the least amount of data wastage. Furthermore, you can easily set up a proxy on this browser and use it for secure and uncensored browsing from any part of the world. This browser also includes an in-built VPN service for your convenience.

Get it here: Opera Browser

Google Chrome


While Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers, it can also be used to privately browse the internet. There are several extensions available for Google Chrome that allow the user to use VPNs and other privacy-enhancing services. Also, regarding proxies, you can easily set a custom proxy from the settings and simply browse the internet without any worries. You can be sure that you can find the relevant proxy and privacy settings to set on this browser.

Get it here: Google Chrome



Another alternative to the Google Chrome Browser, Chromium, can be used as a great proxy browser on Windows and Mac. This browser is open source, and hence can be used quite safely. Also, it supports most of the extensions and features found in other Chromium-based browsers, and you can also set a custom proxy to browse anonymously.

Get it here: Chromium



Another great browser that you can use to set proxies and surf anonymously would be Vivaldi. This browser offers a unique experience in regards to the UI and speed of browsing. Also, this is often touted as one of the fastest browsers in the current market. Vivaldi is free to use and doesn’t require any kind of purchase to access the required features, similar to most browsers on this list.

Get it here: Vivaldi

Polarity Browser


Polarity is a browser that started out as a simple project to support the latest web standards. Since then, there has been active development on this browser, and now it is one of the best proxy browsers out there. There is also a comprehensive privacy mode in this browser that enables it to block ads, third-party cookies, and other fingerprinting techniques used by various websites to offer a completely anonymous browsing experience.

Get it here: Polarity Browser



In case you’re on the lookout for a safe and lightweight browser to use with your favorite proxies, then Ultrasurf is a great option. This browser has been optimized to provide great privacy while being extremely lightweight on system resources. Also, you can set up custom proxies for anonymous browsing, along with the built-in privacy measures to make up a completely safe web browsing experience.

Get it here: Ultrasurf



Maxthon is a great option in case you need to browse blocked websites by setting up a proxy. This browser also offers a great UI that can be used on most computers, regardless of hardware. There are several features that you can use in order to increase your privacy while browsing. Also, most of the features found on other browsers are also present in Maxthon, which makes it easy to switch.

Get it here: Maxthon

Torch Browser


Another browser based on Chromium, Torch, is worth to be tried at least once as an alternative to more popular browsers. It supports a lot of extensions and features to enhance privacy and improve your overall browsing experience. Apart from the common features, this browser also offers some algorithms that enhance your download speeds by a significant margin.

Get it here: Torch Browser

UC Browser


This is one of the browsers that has been available for quite a while. With active development and unique features to try, this is one of the best browsers to use for the purpose of browsing with proxies. It also includes a password manager and sync features that help you to stay connected on multiple devices.

Get it here: UC Browser

Midori Browser


If you are looking for an open-source alternative to browse with proxies, then Midori is an easy-to-use and lightweight option to try out. This browser offers most of the features found in other mainstream variants and should be able to run most pages flawlessly. it is based on the electron browser engine and thus runs fast on most operating systems and hardware configurations.

Get it here: Midori Browser

Pale Moon Browser

pale moon

This browser is a great option for private and anonymous browsing as it is based on Mozilla Firefox and has quite a lot of interesting features. This browser is available on Windows and Linux and focuses on efficiency and control over various toggles to provide a unique experience to the user. You can also apply any proxy of your choice from the settings to browse safely and in an unrestricted manner.

Get it here: Pale Moon

Light (Firefox Light)


Light is a simple and performance-friendly fork of Firefox that you can use to browse anonymously. This browser should run on older hardware flawlessly, and provide most of the basic features that you’d ever need from a browser. This browser can also serve as a great free alternative to run your proxy servers on.

Get it here: Light


Privacy concerns are real and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every day hackers break into systems and steal the private information of individuals such as bank account information, etc.  So, it is indeed for the best interest of the users that they ensure maximum concealment of their data online. These web browsers listed above are the best way to do that.

Deepa enjoys reading fantasy novels to escape the mundanities of everyday life. On other days, she likes to keep herself updated about the latest technological trends.


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