How to Convert Digital Art Into an NFT Token to Sell It? (Quick Guide)

In the 21st Century, there is almost a new form of technology emerging every month or so, there is a potential expansion of technology in each and every field for example the field of digital arts and NFT is also becoming more and more familiar and being brought into the mainstream in recent times especially since people with a good touch of technology are converting their digital arts into assets and making huge amounts of money from it.

With the onset of digital arts being converted to assets, something known as Non Fungible Tokens or (NFTs) was invented. NFTs are basically unique digital assets, which use digital arts as a concept for assets. The authenticity and the legitimacy of these Non Fungible Tokens can be easily tracked through blockchain technology.

To understand the extent of the popularity of NFTs we look at the digital art called ‘Disaster Girl’, which was sold for 50,000 dollars as an NFT earlier this year. This would definitely have stoked your interest, however, the question arises about how would someone convert their art into an NFT and sell it to earn some money.


There are some simple steps which you need to follow as mentioned below,

1. Choosing the proper form of art

Explaining in the simplest terms, NFTs can be made out of any form of art, be it a painting, drawing, collections that are made by an NFT Generator, videos, music, or any and all form of digital art you best deem fit. So the first step would be to consider and choose the best art at which you are the best.

You also need to consider the appeal your art may or may not have on potential buyers and then decide accordingly.

2. Choosing a Specific Blockchain 

Before converting your form of art into an NFT, it is imperative for you to choose the form of Blockchain you want to have for your digital art. There are a plethora of Blockchain technologies out there. However, each of the Blockchain technologies has its own wallet system, NFT Token System, and a specific marketplace to buy and sell these digital arts in the form of NFTs.

The current leader of these blockchains in issuing these NFTs is the Ethereum blockchain system. Similar to ethereum there are a lot of emerging blockchain technologies such as Binance Smart Coins, Cosmos, WAX, and so on. 

3. Purchasing Ethereum 

In most digital art marketplaces, in order to convert your art into an NFT, you need to pay a certain amount of fee. And this fee is to be paid in the form of ethereum since it is the most popular blockchain technology out there especially for NFTs.

It is also worth noting that the price of Ethereum keeps changing and fluctuating every second and one should buy it accordingly.

4. Linking your Wallet to the NFT Marketplace 

After you purchase Ethereum for a specific price it is now the time to choose the best marketplace for your NFT and link your wallet with Ethereum to that particular marketplace.

The best marketplaces out there and recommended by us are Rarible, OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, SuperRare, and so on. All these marketplaces have a very simple and straightforward setup to follow and beginners can easily get through the whole registration process without even losing a sweat.

After one links the wallet with ethereum to the specific NFT marketplace, one just needs to select the coinbase for their digital art to complete and then they are good to go and done with the transaction. 

5. Creating an NFT Artist Account

Once the wallet is linked with your specifically chosen Non-Fungible Token Marketplace, now is the time to make your own NFT from your digital art. You have to register yourself as an artist on the platform chosen by you.

In every platform, there is a create button generally placed in the upper right corner. You need to press that button, and then after pressing you would be asked to connect your account with the Ethereum Wallet to process the transaction charges. You may or may not be asked to digitally sign in order to ensure complete security.

After doing the signature, you would head over to the collections folder where you are expected to upload your digital art with a relevant name and description for it, which you intend to convert into a Non Fungible Token.

Once you have uploaded the digital art you need to press the pencil button on the screen and upload a banner for your Digital Art about to be converted to an NFT. 

6. Creating an NFT 

We have now approached the most anticipated part. Once you complete the whole uploading formalities of your digital art, link your Ethereum wallet to the marketplace chosen by you and pay the transaction costs in order to convert the Digital Art to NFT, it is not the time to convert your Digital Art to a Non Fungible Asset once and for all.

Once the uploading of your Digital Art is done, there is a button titled, ‘Create’ which you need to press. Once you press the button the process for creating an NFT has been initiated and eventually completed. 

7. Selling your NFT 

This is the best and the last part of converting your Digital Art into an NFT and selling it. Once we are done with the formality of choosing the Digital Art, buying ethereum for the wallet, choosing a specific marketplace to sell your Non Fungible Asset on, uploading your digital art to be converted, and finally getting your own NFT from your digital art it is now the time to sell it.

After the successful creation of the NFT, one has to enlist their NFT token for sale by clicking on the Sell Button.

Once you press the sale button, the option for setting your price conditions will come up. You can either sell your NFT at a price fixed for you or set a base price and let the auction decide the value of your art.

These are the simple yet effective ways in which you can use your artistic skills in the technological forum to convert them into Non-Fungible Assets and then eventually make some money in that course of action.     

Dhruv Thakker is an aspiring lawyer. He is a sports enthusiast and likes watching F1, Football and Reading in his free time.



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